“Call Me CEO” is your master-class on innovation, creativity, leadership, and finding YOUR perfect balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship.


Dive into the stories of extraordinary mothers who have built their own iconic businesses. In each episode, we uncover the raw, intimate moments of doubt and failure that these mompreneurs faced on their journey.

From humble beginnings to eventual triumph, our founders share their insights and wisdom on navigating challenges of all kinds.

193: Honor Your Journey: Self Compassion, Your Body, and Reaching Goals

Self-compassion is not just a buzzword; it's a transformative practice that can profoundly impact our personal growth and achievement of...
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192: Gardening Tools For Education: Rutabaga Education

Kaitlin Mitchell's transformation from a fourth-grade teacher to a pioneering entrepreneur in the realm of environmental education is a narrative...
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191: The “Power 10” That Transformed Our Evenings

If you'd told me a few months ago that a simple 10-minute routine could drastically improve my family's nightly clean-up...
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190: Discovering Mystery Shopping. Yes it’s REAL & Thriving

The entrepreneurial journey is often filled with unexpected turns and challenges, but for those who persist, it can lead to...
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189: Introducing SHEO: A Transformative Coaching Program for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you a highly motivated, achieving woman entrepreneur seeking a supportive community, collaboration, and a roadmap to achieve your goals?...
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188: Dancing Through Life’s Challenges: Tia Bee Stokes’ Story of Resilience, Motherhood, and Entrepreneurship

Tia Bee Stokes' story is nothing short of remarkable—a tale of a woman who dances through life's challenges with unparalleled...
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187: Transforming Touchpoints into Deep Bonds with Your Kids

In the recent solo episode of "Call Me CEO," Camille Walker takes us on a profound exploration of building meaningful...
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186: Turning Passion Into Profit: Leslie Danford on Balancing Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and Nutrition with Vitaminis

When Leslie Danford was faced with a career upheaval during the pandemic, she did not simply wait for new opportunities...
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185: 100 Days of Movement: Five Lessons Learned from Moving 30 Minutes a Day

Embarking on a journey of movement can lead to unexpected discoveries and transformative experiences. In today's blog post, we'll explore...
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184: Discovering Your Purpose Through Human Design

Are you feeling lost or uncertain about your life's purpose? Do you find yourself searching for meaning or direction? In...
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