Dive into the stories of extraordinary mothers who have built their own iconic businesses. In each episode, we uncover the raw, intimate moments of doubt and failure that these mompreneurs faced on their journey.

From humble beginnings to eventual triumph, our founders share their insights and wisdom on navigating challenges of all kinds.

184: Discovering Your Purpose Through Human Design

Are you feeling lost or uncertain about your life's purpose? Do you find yourself searching for meaning or direction? In...
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183: Castor Oil, Fast Shoes, and Fueling Your Kids with Love

Hey everyone, it's Camille Walker here, and I'm thrilled to share a new chapter with you on the Call Me...
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182: Introducing Motherhood Moments and Lessons from Failure

Hey everyone, it's Camille from Call Me CEO, and I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you all. As...
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181: How to Talk to Your Kids: 5 Ways to Build a Strong Connection and Become Their Go-To Person

Hey there, parenting warriors! It's time to dive into some seriously empowering insights on strengthening those all-important bonds with our...
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180: How to Overcome Self Doubt, Overcoming Divorce with Sarah Williams Part 2

Have you ever wondered how you could overcome self-doubt both in your business and personal life? In this episode, Camille...
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179: How to Build a Succesful Subscription Box Business with Sarah Williams Part 1

Thinking of how you could build a subscription box business? In this insightful episode, Camille is joined by Sarah Williams,...
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178: A Black Woman on a Mission, How to Build Online Community | Camille McCallum

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a thriving online community? Join Camille Walker as she chats with...
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177: How to Invest in Real Estate with Liz Faircloth

Are you ready to explore the world of real estate investing? In this captivating episode, Camille invites you to join...
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176: How Tik Tok Changed Everything | 11th Haus & CEO Victoria McKinley

Have you ever considered how you might utilize social media to market your product or service? In this episode, Camille...
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175: Period Pain Treated with a Tampon | Daye and CEO Valentina Malenova

Ever wondered how to navigate the realms of gynecological health and tackle period pain effectively? Join us in this engaging...
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