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Have you ever wondered how you could make changes and find success in your feminine energy? In this episode, Camille welcomes Anna Lozano, a mentor, multi-faceted entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Love Powered Co.

Anna shares her journey of how she pivoted from working in corporate to being an entrepreneur through sales and marketing and then founding and scaling her own company. She shares real-life examples of how she tuned into her masculine and feminine energies to create a balance in her life so that she could make the necessary changes to achieve success.

If you’re thinking about how you too can create a life of balance, tune into this episode to hear Anna’s tips on how you can tune into your masculine and feminine energies so that you too can overcome your limiting beliefs and achieve a life rooted in abundance. 


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Because it’s not rooted in abundance and overflowing knowing that I’m going to get this or something better. It’s like I want this so bad and I’m so desperate for it and everything’s going to crumble if this thing doesn’t work out.



So, you want to make an impact. You’re thinking about starting a business sharing your voice. How do women do it that handle motherhood, family, and still chase after those dreams? We’ll listen each week as we dive into the stories of women who know. This is Call Me CEO.


There’s a lot of chatter about the feminine and the masculine energy. What does that even mean and what can we do so that we understand better how to know when to push and when to pull back? Today’s guest, Anna Lozano, is going to teach us all about it and give us real-world examples where she has made the change and found so much more success in the feminine. Let’s dive in.

Welcome everyone to another episode of Call Me CEO. This is your host, Camille Walker. And today, we are talking about energy, frequency, how to improve the good mood in your life, in your business, and the flow of everything that encompasses that, which Anna Lozano who is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and also a mother of two living in Canada. And when I saw her bio and what it was that she was all about with creating a life of balance and energies and how we really tap into the feminine, I was like, yes, let’s have her on the show. So, Anna, thank you so much for being here. It’s a joy to have you.

ANNA [1:47]

So excited. And then we had our pre-convo, I’m like this is going to be juicy.

CAMILLE [1:52]

Yes. I know it’s really fun. I love having a pre-conversation with someone and it’s automatically we already have some good energy flowing, so I’m like let’s get into this juice. So, tell me about how you got into this business. You’ve sold a business recently. Take us down the path of the last 10 years of your entrepreneurship and what’s happened.

ANNA [2:13]

Oh my gosh. It’s been 13 years, which is so wild. I’m just aging myself. But it’s like how quickly time flies by. I was born into a Polish immigrant family. We came to Canada when I was 6 years old. And so, the programming really was, get good grades, study hard, get a safe and secure job in the corporate world and then retire with a pension.

So, as a good little girl, I did just that. And then I arrived in corporate, I looked around. I was like, this is not for me. So, sorry, dad for investing $60,000 into my business schooling, but peace out. This is not for me.

And so, that was really my first moment of surrendering and trusting there has to be another way. There has to be something that is more meaningful and purposeful for me in this world and this lifetime. I knew it was bigger than me just being in corporate and doing that for the next 40 years. And so, I took a leap of faith. I actually entered the world of entrepreneurship through network marketing. And it’s funny because you’re like I’m in Utah. I’m like, I used to go to Salt Lake City every year for conferences.

CAMILLE [3:27]

Okay. Which one because dish that juice. We know that this is a mecca of MLMs, so yeah, which one?

ANNA [3:35]

So, I grew a huge business with USANA and I’ve just layered in another network marketing network company into my brand that’s actually not in Salt Lake City. It’s out of Germany and it’s all to do with frequency.

So, I’m a huge fan of the network marketing industry because it really was my gateway into entrepreneurship. And so, as I surrendered, raised my hands in the air and said, what am I here for? What’s next? I was introduced to the world of network marketing and I said, you know what? No preconceived ideas about the industry. No people talking about pyramid schemes. I didn’t have that programming. I was very programmed to go for corporate and climb the corporate ladder.

So, when this presented itself, I was like, this is incredible. You’re telling me I don’t need to have a product or service-based idea and I get to plug and play into a system representing a product that I totally vibe with? I’m like, this made so much sense for my business mind. And I said yes. I jumped all in.

I quit my corporate job in sales and marketing and within 4.5 years, I got into the top of that company. And that right there really was my evidence of I love entrepreneurship. I’m actually really good at it and I want to continue on this path and at the same time, it was also my gateway into personal development.

So, when The Secret came out 2006, I believe, I was fascinated by the concept of the law of attraction and really consciously manifesting your dream into reality. So, now actively pursuing my own growth journey by entering into this space of network marketing, I started to experience a lot of shifts, especially around reprogramming beliefs and codes around money.

As I mentioned I was raised in a Polish immigrant family and money was always hardship. It was a tough topic of conversation within my home. So, I started doing a lot of work around reprogramming subconsciously my money beliefs, blocks, and patterns and all the good stuff. And so, that was my real first evidence and I talk about collecting evidence a lot because how do we know what we love? How do we know what our purpose is here if we don’t try? So, trying and experiencing and living and slowly becoming this embodiment of the next version of me.

And around that time, I became a mom and because affirmations and that conscious mindset work was foundational for me. One day, we were having a play date in my basement with a dear friend of mine and we looked at our kids. We’re like, “Wow. Perfect, clean slate human beings. What if they were raised on these foundations of mindfulness and affirmations and gratitude rather than having to go into the personal development years down the road? Let’s set this foundation for them. Let’s raise mindful children and at the same time work on ourself. It’s meaningful exchange.”

And so, we got to work and we created a company called Love Powered Co. We desired to power the next generation of mindful conscious leaders being our children. And we did through physical products. So, our first product was affirmations for kids. Then we went into mindfulness cards for kids and connection cards for kids. And what we realized and you and I talked about the blogging world, I think you said 2011, so this was now 2017 is when blogging was really cool. It was really growing as a way to build wealth online. It was really cool.

We thought, okay, if we can get affirmations into the hands of really cool blogger moms even if they’re not into the spiritual woo self-development space, they love beautiful meaningful things and this is going to be our strategy to really scale quickly in the world of spirituality, but also this world of bloggers and influencers that was up and coming. And we experienced real fast success.

Obviously, the pandemic shook things up, but we were able to scale successfully to the point of selling the company just at the end of 2022. And as I said, I just do multiple things at once. That’s what my human development personality is all about. And so first circle moment, I’m back into network marketing and I had to do a lot of work around that in terms of being like, okay, I’ve built this brand. I’m a multifaceted entrepreneur. What does going back into network marketing look like for me?

But it is so much deeper. I feel right now, I’m here to make this industry cool. I’m here to make this industry a whole new paradigm of building businesses in communities through leverage in this elevated frequency and especially around the conversation of wealth consciousness. I know that I just layered a lot, but my journey has been 13 years. But as we can pick out, the foundation has really been the mindset, the frequency and the embodiment of an elevated frequency, and then the strategy piece, which I love specifically around sales and marketing.

CAMILLE [9:13]

Yes. There’s been a lot to unpack there. And like you say, we go through these phases of growth and change. And I think that’s beautiful. And I’ve always said the messaging of if you are multifaceted in your interests, hooray for you! Because I think too often we hear messages of you need to pick just one thing to find success and I don’t think that’s true. Maybe it’s picking one or two things in a season of your life, but that doesn’t meant that you have to stick to that thing forever. And so, your story is obviously evidence of that. And it’s funny because I’m 99.9% sure I got your affirmation cards sent to me and they were beautiful. You probably have to hold them up for me to be sure. But yeah, I did get those. Yes, and they come in a box.

ANNA [10:00]

I have the women’s deck here.

CAMILLE [10:01]

I didn’t get the women’s deck. Mine was for little kids. Did you have one for little kids with the cards were maybe about 5 by 7 size-ish? And then, they had an animal. Yeah. I totally got them. That’s so fun.

ANNA [10:16]

Yeah. With connections, mindfulness, and gratitude for kids?

CAMILLE [10:23]

Yeah. That’s so fun. Very cool. So, I’m curious if things went so well with this affirmation company and it was very much aligned with what you were doing, what gave you the motivation to sell it?

ANNA [10:33]

We knew starting out that we really wanted to grow a product-based company that eventually would have a successful exit. That was our intention at the very beginning. Now, the interesting part was the timing of it. So, what we didn’t know when would a good time to exit the company be and we also knew that being on a high would be the best time to sell.

So, it was interesting because COVID really hit as hard as a product-based business. We explored many, many ways to manufacture our cards in Canada. I remember the last quote I got from a Canadian company was $75 cost to make these products in Canada. So, I’m like we would have to sell at $150 an affirmation set to be able to manufacture in Canada. It was bonkers. So, obviously, we had to take the product overseas and manufacture overseas. So, when China shut down, we were like 100 units from almost being out of inventory and it just shut it down for six months.

And so, we had to pivot as entrepreneurs and this is what I love about entrepreneurship is we get to be creative. I always follow my intuitive hits, which has really led to a lot of beautiful synchroneities and success in business. But for us, we decided to gift the digital affirmations because we knew this product was so important during what we were all experiencing and going through literally for the first time ever in our lifetimes. And so, we ended up gifting $$0,000 of digital affirmations.

And then, I feel things blossomed beautifully. I felt like it was a gift from God, a gift from the universe saying, “Thank you for not throwing in the towel. Here’s some gifts on a silver platter.” So, we ended up scoring a massive, massive collaboration with one of the biggest influencers in Canada post-COVID. So, this launched, 2021 which really scaled our brand awareness and allowed us to initiate the process of selling the company.

And then the process of selling the company was almost a 9-month process. So, as entrepreneurs, you and I were talking about the masculine and the feminine energies. It was really leaning into this trust and knowing that if we’re taking decisions that are in full energetic alignment, things will work out for us and they will work out for the highest good of all.

And so, when we talk about the masculine, feminine, that for me is a big part of it. Leaning into my feminine energy means leaning into this trust and not only when I have the good evidence, but especially when things get hard. And we can’t see if it’s going to work out and we’re getting rejected. Things aren’t flowing. This is for me leaning more and more and more into just this full embodied trust that it will all work out as it’s meant to, even if I don’t have feel full in that moment in time.

CAMILLE [13:58]

And that’s a tricky lesson. A lot of times especially if things are not going well because you may be in a place where you’re thinking, what am I doing that’s even working or what is moving the needle? So, if we were to talk to someone about leaning into that feminine energy, where is a good place to start, especially if they’re feeling like things aren’t moving in the right direction?

ANNA [14:20]

Yeah. And it’s this dance of getting really raw and honest with yourself. Is it time for a pivot and/or looking at the energetics behind it? Because what happens as entrepreneurs is oftentimes, we want something so bad that we start to grip it. And this grip energy is rooted in a lack and desperation.

I always equate it to that annoying desperate boyfriend or girlfriend that is just latched on to you. And that’s literally what we’re doing. That’s where humans are doing when we want something so bad. We’re gripping it so bad that we’re literally energetically pushing it away because it’s not rooted in abundance and overflow and knowing that I’m going to get this or something better. It’s like I want this so bad and I’m so desperate for it and everything is going to crumble if this thing doesn’t work out.

So, the dance between being really raw and honest and, hey, is it time to pivot and is it time for a new strategy? And looking at the energetics, am I rooted in lack or am I rooted in abundance? And no judgement, just being again the observer of the frequency and what you’re rooted in right now.

CAMILLE [15:47]

Yeah. And that comes down a lot to I love that you say being an observer and being curious about it where it’s not a place of judgment or feeling like time is wasted, but more an evaluation of, but how do you really feel? What is the underlying feeling of where you need to move next?

Which I heard someone say once that women do speak in terms of “I feel” when describing something that they want or that they’re going towards where men might say something different of “I am” or “I want,” which I think practicing those different statements with things that we’re going for can be really interesting. Is it an “I am”? Is it an “I feel”? Is it an “I want”? And how does that line up with the ambition that you’re going for? Would you agree with that?

ANNA [16:42]

I actually love that. I started a whole company on “I am.” It’s so powerful and when we talk about words specifically. So, there’s also what I’m bringing awareness to, especially with my kids now is the frequency behind the words. So, a few examples are “I hope, I wish.” Now, my girls at 5 and 7 know those words don’t manifest because if it’s a hope or a wish, it’s going to continue to be a hope and a wish. So, what we shifted to is “I’m so grateful, now that,” bringing that desire into the present moment and tuning into the feeling of how does it feel being in that energy of that desire? Because it’s really the feeling of it that allows us to manifest it into reality. So, words are so important.

And I am is the most powerful statement and Wayne Dyer says this as what you put after “I am” becomes your reality, but also paying attention to the frequency behind that. So, if you’re doing affirmations, but you’re not wholeheartedly believing them and embodying them, those are weak affirmations. So, how can you get the frequency behind the spoken word? So, hopes and desires stay in the hope and desire realm. “I am”s are extremely powerful, just watching the frequency behind it.

And for me, the work that I’m consciously focusing on now is “I think” for me is a very masculine. I feel is a very feminine. And so, the embodiment work that I’m doing now is I’m a very naturally masculine energy woman. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Society has programmed it and this has been a decade of work that I’ve been doing.

When I entered the entrepreneurial space 2010, I had to be in my masculine. But now, it wasn’t always my empowered masculine. It was that wounded masculine of like, I got to go compete. There’s only one seat at the table for the woman. No collaboration. It’s like, I’m going to hustle and fake it until make it. And I’m going to grind myself to exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. But that society’s definition of how a woman achieves success.

So, I’ve been that until that stopped working. So then, I started creating my own evidence of 1) that doesn’t feel good and 2) it’s not working. Yeah. It used to work, but it no longer is working. And really for me, that clarity came 2016 when I gave birth to my first daughter. And then now, so that’s 7 years of really choosing consciously to come back into this space of alignment and there’s a time and place for the masculine and there’s a time and place for the feminine. And how can we dance together?

And the feminine for me a lot of work I’ve recently been doing is the negative programming around the feminine. So, working with a coach, what I realized is that I used to think the feminine is weak. And that if you’re in your feminine, you won’t be as successful as if you’re in your masculine. And this is deep-rooted programming, ancestral programming of lineage.

And so, I started to notice here what is the divine feminine? What does the she mean for me and who am I being as my most divine feminine self and how powerful that is? Because that is all programming that where did I pick that up from was really my question to myself. Where did I pick this up from? Because it’s not truth. And so, that’s the work that I’m actually diving into in this moment in time.

CAMILLE [21:00]

I want to hear what you’re learning as far as if you’re looking at the opposite of the hustle, the grind, I’m going to show up. I’m going to work the hardest. I’m going to be the best. What is that opposite? What is that divine that you’re able to tap into that allows you and even makes you aware to that power in the feminine energy?

ANNA [21:22]

And you nailed it. The first part, the first step of any transition, ascension, growth is awareness. So, for me, it’s saying, okay. This is actually a belief that I hold. And I am choosing for it to no longer be my truth.

So, I have it right now here. So, the negative side of being feminine/soft/delicate. This was literally what came out of me as I was doing this work. It’s weak. It won’t generate results. It’s not powerful. It wastes time. People step all over you. It’s not productive. You’re taken advantage of. It won’t make money or don’t know how to. It’s boring. It’s slow. It’s in the fairy land.

This is like, what do I think of the very feminine? And then, I was like, okay. We’re going to cross that out literally because that’s not true at all. I thought of it as some point in time, but I no longer desire for that to be truth. And so, what I wrote about the feminine, I’m like, I’m in equal potentiality. She’s nourished. She’s present. She’s intuitive. She’s fulfilled. She’s happy, happy, happy. She’s nurtured. She’s wildly successful in all balanced areas. She’s connected deeply. She’s rooted. It’s even flow, extra productive, is only focused on the right things and she’s released anything and everything that does not serve her. So, those were my new beliefs around the divine feminine.

CAMILLE [23:04]

I love that. Thank you for sharing that with us. Because I feel like everything that you read in that first description, if I were to guess where those had come from and I’m guessing many people who are listening too can think of those things and be like, yeah, anytime we grew up playing sports or being in the math class or being in a business situation, whatever the situation might be, there are very simply even language that’s used where, I hate this term, don’t be a pussy or that’s so sissy or you throw like a girl. It’s like the language that we hear at a very young is that the feminine is weakness. So, I think examining of that like, wait a minute. The vagina is the strongest organ that ever was.

ANNA [24:02]

It’s the start of creation.

CAMILLE [24:02]

Right. Build a body and pass it through our body, it’s the strongest that could ever be. So, I hate that that’s our language because I think it was Betty White who said something like, I don’t know why we say don’t be a posy’s. She’s like it should be balls because they’re the weakest organ ever. I can’t believe I said that. But it’s true. The programming and the language that we hear, that’s what I heard growing up. I had three older brothers and it was like, don’t be a girl. And it was associated with this weakness. And so, I love that you examined those words and created a new truth or not even a new truth, but an awareness.

ANNA [24:50]

An awareness because it’s in there, it’s in me. And I can feel those things. And you know what? Let me connect it to also because I’m raising two daughters and you have you mentioned two boys?

CAMILLE [25:00]

I have three sons and a daughter, yup.

ANNA [25:03]

Three sons and a daughter, see? And I’m like, I know this is my work in this lifetime because I was doing this reading through a soul session with a coach and she was talking about my first daughter who is an empath and she’s very delicate. And her soul is actually asking me to be more in my feminine. And so, as she connected that and I started creating these new truths around the feminine, I’m like, and my daughter, this is what her soul wants to connect with me on. She’s teaching this in my lifetime.

And so, that awareness of it and that word delicate. I’m actually putting that word on a pedestal because it is beautiful and it gets to be powerful. You can be delicate and you can be powerful. You can be delicate and you can be successful. So, I love this conversation so much because it is so needed and irrelevant if we’re raising boys or girls.

I’m feeling this rebalance for both men and women because my husband is actually quite feminine in a sense of he always is in trust. He just knows that no matter what, things will work out for us. He is quite emotional, but embracive of it. He allows himself to show his vulnerability and it’s fascinating to watch my daughters gravitate towards that. And they also give him permission to be like that because I can’t imagine being married to a very masculine man because our personalities, we would not get the lessons we’re meant to get in this lifetime. And so, it’s this coming home. I feel like it’s this coming home for all, for humanity.

CAMILLE [27:02]

Yeah. And what I really apricate too is that women and men both have the feminine and the masculine energies and it’s not meant to be one or the other. It’s really meant to work together and that we can help to strengthen each other. And so, with those predisposed ideals of what that looks like or what that should be for one person or another, I think that each of us comes so different. So, it’s really discovering who am I? Am I giving attribution to both my masculine and feminine and am I embracing others as well? And I think that that’s really beautiful to be aware with yourself first so that you can then understand your children and your husband and other people in your life, your teammates, your employees, whoever that person is because that’s how we gain an understanding of us as a whole. And I just came off of listening to The Witch Hunt with JK Rowling. Are you familiar with that?

ANNA [28:06]

No. My kids are all into Harry Potter right now.

CAMILLE [28:13]

Yeah. So, my mind is in that space right now. I just finished. It’s a seven-part podcast series and it is so well-done. And it talks a lot about men and women and also transgender, this is going down a different road, but what I love about the presentation of it is that we are all divine in who we are and that learning about ourselves and about each other only makes us stronger, but there are things that we need to know to protect ourselves and our children too.

And so, I love that you’re doing this work because helping people to understand themselves and where their strengths and maybe where they can lean more into the feminine, especially in the entrepreneur world, I feel like it’s very much that clutter of more is better. Hustle harder. You need to work more. Figure out all the things.

So, I’m curious for you for someone who’s listening and maybe trying to find out where to start or even if there’s how to create your own “I am” statements or mantras or getting in touch with their energies, what would your advice be to that person who is just hearing this for the first time and they’re like, what? There are masculine and feminine energies? What does that even mean and where do I start to understand my own?

ANNA [29:29]

Yeah. That’s such a good question. I feel like this work is just beautiful introspection of where are you right now and just tuning in? I know exactly what shifted within me when the way that I was living, the way I was being, the way that I was working and building businesses stopped working.

And that was really my first call, my first invitation to explore doing things differently, but I knew it was connected to the energetics of it. So, then it became it’s a seven-year journey. And so, I feel like one of the best books that I have read that really talks about and it doesn’t directly talk about feminine energy, but it really does. It’s not direct, but it’s so beautifully intertwined into this book. It’s called Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell. And it’s such an easy read, but she talks about this shift on the planet in 2012 where we’ve shifted this into Aquarian age, which so many of us are feeling that it’s time to do things differently.

And so, I just invite everybody. I don’t really have a tool, but to look within and be like, how am I feeling right now? Am I being called? Am I curious to maybe do things differently? And what would that next step be?

So, another example, just being quite rigid in my masculine of I have to sit down. My work days are 6 hours, and then it’s my workday, it’s my workday. This was the Anna before. And when I sat down, I had to work and whatever that looked like for my sales activities, my team, my marketing, and so far.

But then I started to layer in these energetic pieces. So, before being going for a walk in the middle of the day, that is crazy. That’s time to work. But realizing that actually going out in nature naturally elevates your frequency, and then things start to happen. Things start to move. You start and you’re like, wow, I get to take an hour off and focus on my energy and how I feel? And those clients still purchase or those sales through Shopify still come in or PayPal notifications pour in as I took an hour off in the middle of the day.

So, you start to collect your own evidence and they’re like, I’m going to do more of it because it feels so good. So, I’m not saying take the whole day off, but I’m saying last week for me, there was stuff happening astrologically and I was being asked to slow down. And one of the ways I was asked to slow down was a massive migraine came through and I was like, okay. Clearly, this is my invitation to go and take a nap. I didn’t nap for 1 hour. I napped for 4. So, it’s like the being okay with it. Before, I would judge that. I would be grumpy that I wasn’t productive or I didn’t get done my to-do list. But now, it’s like I learn more into it.

And I’m telling you the very full schedule I have this week doesn’t feel good. I’m actually excited for next week. That’s quite free in terms of scheduling. So, play around. It’s going to be different for all of us. But what’s the awareness right now? What are you curious about? Lean more into that. Start creating your own evidence and continue to play with this energy because we are being called to do things differently.

CAMILLE [33:23]

I love that. I think that this has been so wonderful to examine our own lives, the pace at what we’re living and maybe introducing some times of rest. I like to call it white space and that’s actually where I help a lot of entrepreneurs to hire out with virtual assistants or help them to create more of a balance where you’re actually letting go of your to-dos and things that may not be serving you in the best way if you could expand your business or your life in other ways. So, I really appreciate you talking about this. I think we have all learned a lot. I know I have. So, please tell our audience where they can find you.

ANNA [34:00]

Yes. So, on Instagram a lot. I hang out there @_annalozano and my website is www.annalozano.com.

CAMILLE [34:10]

Awesome. Thank you again so much for being on the show.

ANNA [34:14]

Thank you for having me.

CAMILLE [34:14]

Hey, CEOs. Thank you so much for spending your time with me. If you found this episode inspiring or helpful, please let me know in a comment and a 5-star review. You could have the chance of being a featured review on an upcoming episode. Continue the conversation on Instagram @callmeceopodcast. And remember, you are the boss!


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