Create more intentional time with your family, yourself, and your business.
Each of these programs was designed to help you create greater intention with your time.

Time For Us: A Parent & Child Weekly Interactive Activity/Journal Membership

Connect with your child (Ages 2-12) create moments that matter without the stress

How often do we wish we would stop and savor the small, fleeting moments? This download membership is specifically created for parents who are looking to connect with their child in meaningful ways but aren’t sure how. It takes the guesswork out of what to do and makes it as easy as pressing print.

Time For Us Journal 

Give the gift of time and connection. These journals are designed to open up your hearts and minds with fun ways to connect daily or weekly if you prefer. This is a parent/child prompt journal that is meant to be done together.

Each entry is meant to be done in five minutes but has lasting effects. My kids will often hop up and have ideas of how they want to use their imagination. It is so much fun!

Screen Freeze Handbook (Digital Edition)

Our 100+ Page Handbook Bundle Provides You With Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Screen Freeze

  1. A Step-By-Step Guide (Including a 4 Part Video Instruction Guide)
  2. Parent Guide & Evaluation
  3. 100+ Screen-Free Activity Ideas (Including a 36 Page Boredom Buster Printables Pack)
  4. Screen-Free Daily Schedule
  5. Screen-Free Reward Chart
  6. A Guide for Screens After Your Freeze

After having my attention split between home and worm, and getting ready to be busier than we have ever been, I’ve been craving more opportunities to connect with my sweethearts. AND TIME FOR US IS PERFECT!! This is a simple, meaningful way to create fun moments, that matter, together. WE’ve set aside Saturday or Sunday evenings to reconnect, to check in, to learn and to grow —TOGETHER! The program has already done the hard work of creating and planning for me. I just have to set aside some time to gather as a family, and print the activities beforehand. I want my kids to look forward to this consistent meaningful time spent with each other each week. Tonight was our first time and I was immediately sold.


—Alyssa Thornton

We just started doing the #timeforus program from @mymommystyle, and I am so excited! I had started asking the kids interesting questions a few months ago and loved their answers. The 1st was “I feel the most like me when…” Wes replied with friends. Brynn’s answer was, “When I’m by myself,” and Eli said, “I like green,” (his favorite color at the time). This program is so fun because it has great questions plus other fun creative activities pages to do as a family. We were supposed to start last week, but then the stomach flu hit our family. So the kids were so excited to finally start.


—Stephanie Nixon

Being a working mom comes with so many challenges. One of them being finding time to really connect with your kids. Between work, dinner, sports, errands, it leaves little time in the day to actually have meaningful conversations and connect with my boys. Insert “tax season” and that time dwindles even more. I have been looking for ways to be intentional about the time we do have together. I was so excited when Camille launched her Time For Us program. She has come up with the cutest printables and activities to do with your kids. She has included questions for them that help get a conversation started.


—Becky Vinberg