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You truly can achieve your best health, and it is not just about fitness! In this episode, BreeAnna Cox, owner of BodyByBree shares all about her journey to creating her business and figuring out her direction in life. She became a physical trainer and created her own app to help over 5000 women reach their goals both mentally and physically. Bree truly believes that it takes mindfulness to achieve your success. She has been able to double her business year after year and become the Most Innovative Trainer of the Year nominee.


  • Finding your calling in life and achieving your dreams
  • Overcoming challenges and using them to push you forward
  • Developing an online brand and business
  • Strengthening your mental health to overcome self-doubt
  • Hiring a team and delegating work


BreeAnna knew fitness and health were her passion as she reflected back on the workouts she began to do in just 6th grade! She was passionate about her health all throughout her teenage, college, and motherhood years, which all lead to the business of her dreams.


While living in San Diego, BreeAnna was training and knew she had to get her own clients. She reflects on that time as very stressful and unknown. Would she have to go out in the streets in a rough part of town and ask people to join? She came up with the idea to teach classes at the gym and then build clients from there.


With so many friends who wanted her trainings but weren’t local, BreeAnna decided to go online as well. Developing an online business does not happen in the blink of an eye. She had to network and bring people on to her team! It takes years of work and BreeAnna and her team are constantly adding new things to it, such as supplements, gear, etc.


Throughout the process BreeAnna felt a lot of ‘mom-guilt’. She wanted to be spending the most time with her kids! It wasn’t until she realized that having something of her own to work on was making her a happier mom that she began to find balance in her life. She told her self to quit being guilty and scale back.


This became necessary so that BreeAnna could be the best mom possible and still own her business. She hired a nanny for a few days a week, as well as reached out on Instagram to find a virtual assistant to help build her brand.


BreeAnna has been able to achieve her best health, and help other women do so through 3 different categories. First is the mind, she focuses on meditating and manifesting the things that you want in life to achieve your goals. She also talks about your body, watching what you put into it, and how you exercise. Lastly, she talks about your soul and creating a vision for yourself. Listen to the full episode for all of Bree’s tips!


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If you've ever been in a place where you're feeling stuck and you know there's something you want to do, but you can't quite figure out how to get there, you're going to love this episode with BreeAnna Cox from BodyByBree. We're talking about all things goal attaining, whether they are in relation to your mental, your physical or your spiritual health.

BreeAnna is a physical trainer. She's developed her own app and helped over 5000 women reach their goals in both the mental and physical regard. She is a mother of three, has doubled her business year after year and was recently nominated for The Most Innovative Trainer Of The Year. But what I love about her the very most is that she has a heart of gold and she does this because she loves people. Fitness is a way of life for her and you can see that it fills her with joy in everything that she does online. Let's dive in.


CAMILLE [1:02]

So, you want to make an impact. You're thinking about starting a business, sharing your voice. How do women do it that handle motherhood, family and still chase after those dreams? We'll listen each week as we dive into the stories of women who know. This is Call Me CEO.


CAMILLE [1:20]

Welcome back everyone to another episode of Call Me CEO. Today is going to be filling for both your heart, soul and mind because we are here with BreeAnna Cox from BodyByBree, who is all about bringing women the results they want, not only from the outside, but from the inside. She is a fitness expert. She has her own product line. She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold.

And I am so excited that you're here today, Bree. Thank you for being here.


Thank you. I'm so excited to be here in my closet because I have three small kids and this is the only quiet place that I could find.

CAMILLE [1:55]

Well, I know that life. My son, we're in quarantine right now. We have COVID. And he was doing his gym homework and just pounding on the treadmill. I'm like, "Buddy. You got to go somewhere else."


Oh no. How are you feeling? You have COVID. How are you feeling?

CAMILLE [2:10]

Yeah. It's been up and down. It's really interesting because it hits you in different intervals and navigating my own children's health has been challenging because sometimes, they have symptoms they can't explain or they forget to drink or eat water. Eat water. They forget to eat food. And so, managing what they need on top of my own needs. When mom's sick, you don't really get a full time to be sick. You kind of have to be on top of your game. So, it's been interesting.


That's the hardest part when you're sick. You still have to be a mom.

CAMILLE [2:43]

That's right. Yeah. And get your stuff done, right? We were just talking about having computer issues today, hiding in our closets. We're going to get really into that nitty gritty. So, Bree, I want to ask you. You have built such an incredible business and I want to start at the beginning. What gave you the fascination and the passion for fitness, wellness and holistic health?


Well, honestly, ever since I was little. I remember in 6th grade I would wake up before school and I would work out to video tapes in my basement. I just loved it. I loved it so much. And it's always been my passion even when I was 18 years old. That's what I did all throughout college was personal training and it's just something that I absolutely love. And then, my mom actually does, I don't know if you know what craniosacral therapy is.

CAMILLE [3:35]

I do.


Oh, okay. So, she's a craniosacral therapist. So, my whole life growing up was all the mindfulness, meditation, positive energy, your vibration and I was raised with that. And so, that's just who I am. And so, naturally, when I train people, I teach them about that. And then, I got certified to be a mindfulness meditation teacher as well because I wanted to bring that aspect in with all of my training. So, I think that's kind of my background. It's just always been who I am. So, it's easy for me to talk about it.

CAMILLE [4:11]

And you can see that. I mean, everything that you share, I feel is glowing from the inside out. You can tell that you love what you're doing. And that you genuinely love helping people. It's so wonderful.


Oh, thank you. Thank you. I do. I really love it. Adam was like, "You don't have to work. You don't have to do this." Sometimes, when I get stressed, and I'm like, "No. I do. This is my calling." If I didn't get paid, I would still do it because it brings me so much joy.

CAMILLE [4:39]

That's awesome. Now, take me to the beginning of when you started this fitness journey as far as turning it into your own brand and then taking it to the next level. You've really done a lot of things from personal coaching, an app that you developed, and then your own product. So, take me back to the beginning. Where did that happen and how did it progress from there?


Well, it's funny because I think people underestimate. When they see people who have a business and have a supplement line and build a brand, I don't think they realize every single step that I took, I was terrified. Every single step.

From the very beginning, I remember, I was living in San Diego and I was training. And then, I moved to Victorville. I don't know if you know where Victorville is. It's kind of a rough area. And I had to get my own clients instead of the gym give me clients, I was terrified. I remember I was crying to Adam. I was like, "There's no way I can get my own clients. I'm not a salesman. I'm a trainer. How do they expect me to do this?" And then, I was like, "Well, I just got to learn." And so then, I learned, and then I excelled at that, so I was like, "Okay. Maybe I could teach classes."

And then, I was terrified. And I was crying to Adam, "I don't know if I can teach classes." And then, I did and I loved it and that's actually where BodyByBree came from. One of those girls was like, "This body is from Bree." And I kept on getting compliments on it. And then, they ended up naming the group fitness class, BodyByBree.

CAMILLE [6:12]

Oh, cool.


And then, yeah, it just kind of stuck. And then, I just kind of rolled with it. So then, I trained in gyms for probably six years. And then, I was so burnt out because I had two children and they were babies. And I was so burnt out. And if you're a trainer, you understand. You get so sick of waking up at 5 in the morning and being in a loud sweaty gym for hours and hours and you can only make as much money as there are hours in the day. You're capped. And so, it was a really frustrating feeling.

So that's when I was like, "I think I'm going to try to do this online." Because I had so many friends in Utah who wanted me to train them, but I don't live by them anymore. So, I remember telling Adam like, "Babe, I could probably get 15 clients on this app." And I was like, "I could totally do that." And we were going, "Oh my gosh. This is going to be so big. I could get 15 people." And it was so fun to watch it grow.

And so, anyway, fast forward. I just learned every single year. I learned more and more and more. And I almost quit about three times because it got so overwhelming. But one thing my husband is a businessman, so he's helped me a lot to kind of see what I can delegate, things that I don't have to do and that's when I started hiring a team. And when I hired a team was when I was like, "Okay. I can grow. I can expand. I can be creative. And I don't have to do it all myself."

And that was the biggest learning step for me. The learning curve was that you can delegate what you're not good at. I'm not good at marketing. I'm not good at graphic design. I don't know how to do that stuff. So, it's like hire people that are really good at that and they can help build your brand and that was my biggest learning lesson, I think.

But honestly, every single time I did something, every time I came out with a new supplement or a new challenge or a new whatever idea, I was terrified. I was terrified and I had so much self-doubt. And I was like, "Who do I think I am? Who's going to buy this?" So, I think it's normal to have those thoughts. I always want to normalize that. Anybody that you look at has those thoughts.

CAMILLE [8:42]

Yeah. I think you're right. There are so many truth bombs you threw in there with realizing when you need to hire out. Because I think by the time people think, "It's time for me to hire out", it's already been beyond that point for a while because we're just trying to do it all. And then, also to have someone in your corner that helps you to balance it out and see the things you can't see. So, when you were hiring, how did you find the people?


I honestly just posted on Instagram. I was like, "I need help. I need a virtual assistant. I need help with organization and all this stuff." And so, I just got applications through Instagram. That was the first assistant that I hired, and then the second one actually came to me. She was a client. And she was like, "Hey. I have all these ideas. I've gone through the program. I have all these ideas that I think could make the experience so much better". And I loved her ideas. I�m like, "You're hired." I hired her on the spot.

CAMILLE [9:43]

Oh, that's awesome. It's especially nice to have someone who already knows your brand and what you're about and has been through the process because then, you know that their vision is the same or that they can magnify even more because they've been through it which sounds like she was there for that.


Exactly. And we've been together for four years, my team.

CAMILLE [10:00]

Oh, that's so cool. So, are there three of you or are there more?

BREEANNA [10:04]

Yeah. There's three of us. And then, I just recently this year hired a marketing company that kind of helps with branding and collaboration and things like that. So, I was finding that was so time consuming to do myself. So, they can kind of reach out to people. And then, I have an assistant that helps edit the podcast and produce the podcast. So, after I record it, I could just say, "Here you go. Make it look pretty." I don't have time to sit and do that and I don't know how and I'm not going to pretend I'm good at that.

CAMILLE [10:37]


BREEANNA [10:39]

Stuff like that. My husband always taught me. Save your energy to be creative. Save your energy for things that only you can do. And all the tasks that are draining your energy, that are taking your time, that's what you need to outsource. You need to just do what you're good at. And I know my strength, I know what I'm good at. Anything I'm not good at, I'll hire someone that is, that's the best in that.

CAMILLE [11:02]

Yeah. I agree with that a 100%. I mean, only you and I or whoever is doing the business, you are your face. You are your brand. You are your voice. No one else can replace that. So, that's the stuff you really need to focus on for your time and your energy.

And we passed over how many kids you have and how long you've been married. So, tell us a little bit about that too. How many kids do you have and how long have you been married?

BREEANNA [11:26]

I have three kids. I have a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Well, she's almost two. She's a year and a half. And I've been married for 10 years now.

CAMILLE [11:39]

I mean, I think those ages that you just listed. In my experience, that is one of the most physically and time demanding times as a mother. What are your tips for balancing all of it?

BREEANNA [11:55]

Yeah. For the first year, I had so much mom guilt. I don't know why. I was just like, "I shouldn't be doing this. I should be home with my kids all the time." But I had bad baby blues. I wouldn't say it was depression, but I had bad baby blues because my personality is, "I need to be working on something. I need to have a passion that's outside of motherhood. I need to have projects. I need to be mentally stimulated." And I thrive that way.

So, I found, I'm like, "Quit feeling guilty." Because I realized I was a way better, more happier mom when I had projects that I was working on. And my kids, they're happy. They're happy that they're taken care of. I found a really good balance. You'll find this out. Any woman who is starting a business, you'll find your balance because I did have a year where it was the opposite. I was working too much, and then I wasn't happy anymore. And then, I was like, "This is taking the joy out of it. I miss being a mom. I need to scale back."

And then I listened. So now, I only work three days a week. I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday when the kids are at school and when they're home, I don't work. I have very clear boundaries. I will work either during nap time or I'll work at night when they're asleep. But I put my phone away and I try not to work at all on the days that are my non-working days. And so, setting those boundaries is so, so important.

And not being afraid to get help. I hired a nanny. I hired a nanny for Monday and Wednesday, so that I could work full days and get everything done I needed to no Monday and Wednesday. I schedule all my appointments, all my calls, all my podcast interviews. Everything on those two days when the nanny's here and my kids are at school most of the day. And then, I have that balance. I don't get burned out. I don't feel guilty. I'm able to still be a mom. And so, I think just finding your balance is so important and not feeling guilty to get help.

I was snapping at my kids. I was so stressed when I was trying to do it without help. And then, I felt bad for my kids because it's not their fault. I'm trying to build a conference call and they're yelling. They're just being kids. So, get help. Set clear boundaries. And I had to have that conversation with my assistant like, "You need to get a babysitter when you're working, so that I have all your intention, all of your focus in those hours. And then, the rest of the time, you can be a mom." But I call it time blocking and that's what has helped so much is just time blocking and this is also my mindfulness coming in and my meditation teacher coming in, but when you're scatter braining, you're trying to fix all your roles at one time, you'll get burned out super-fast and it just kills your creativity.

And when you time block and you know, "Okay. This is my work time. This is my mom time. This is my meditation time. This is my learning time for myself. This is my relaxation time." And you're 100% present. You can get so much more out of those moments. And even with my kids, I get so much more out of the moments when I have a role where between 4 and bedtime, I put my phone in my room. I don't touch it. I don't look at it. And it's so much smoother in my house. Sorry, that was very long.

CAMILLE [15:42]

Are you kidding? I could listen to you talk all day. I'm just nodding like, "Yes." You're speaking the truth because I have found that same experience where there have been times where I felt more like I was working too much versus really striking that balance where you feel invigorated mentally, but you also have that special time with your kids too, so I think you really hit on the head. And especially with the idea of putting the phone away because now, in this day and age, if your phone is out, you can be working 24/7, really there's no barrier.

BREEANNA [16:16]

I did. Yeah. Yeah. I was.

CAMILLE [16:18]

It's happening always.

BREEANNA [16:20]

Yeah. And answering DMs because it's like, "Oh, I got to be faster at responding." Answering DMs, I was on my phone all day long. And it was a wake-up call. This is so sad. But honestly, I will throw myself under the bus because I want to reiterate how important it is, but my daughter drew up our family like a little portrait and I go, "What's that?" She's like, "It's your phone." And she drew me holding my phone. I'm like, "Okay." So that's when I'm like, "Enough. I need clear boundaries." And I tell my assistant, "I don't work between the hours of 4 and bedtime. I'm not here. I will respond after the kids are in bed." And so, that's made a huge, huge difference on my family.

CAMILLE [17:13]

I love that. Well, you're inspiring me because I try to do the same thing with time blocking. But I think just actually physically putting it away, upstairs, out of sight.

BREEANNA [17:22]

Out of sight.

CAMILLE [17:22]

Yeah. That�s really smart. And I think it probably allows your assistants to do the same healthy parameters for themselves as well because then, it's modelling that behavior because they say, "Oh. Well, if that time's off for her, then I can take that time with my family time too." Which I think is really healthy.

BREEANNA [17:38]

Yeah. I want to encourage them like, "Have family dinner together. Do the bed times stories. I don't want my assistants to get burnt out either." So, it's kind of like, "We know. I'm not going to respond until after bedtime so we all know that rule."

CAMILLE [17:54]

Yeah. No. That's so smart. So, you have this app that you put together. How did you develop the app? I know that there are trainer apps that you can kind of make your own and I think that's what you did. But tell me more about that. And how your program works because I've done your program. I love it. I love that it's very much, not only focused on the outside, but it's very much about making changes on the inside and that's what makes you and your brand so impactful. So, tell us about how your process works and how you integrated that into opening it up to the masses.

BREEANNA [18:29]

Yeah. So, the whole reason why I was scared to go online was because I didn't have a system in place to organize my clients. And so, I found an app called Trainerize. Trainerize is a trainer app. It's created for online trainers. And I actually did a whole seminar. They asked me to do a conference seminar teaching all of the online trainers. They teach trainers how to use it better. And so, I couldn�t do my business without Trainerize. It's amazing. It's such a great app. So, they can kind of wide label it for you. And I'm actually in the process. I'm actually creating a second business. I've never talked about it before, but I'll talk about it now.

CAMILLE [19:16]

Wow, exclusive. Okay.

BREEANNA [19:18]

Yeah. Exclusive. I'm in the process of starting a second business helping online trainers how to start and exactly step by step. This is how you start. This is how you create your brand, how you find your niche. Here are the programs I used. Here's the apps I used. Here's the graphic designers that I used. Everything. Step by step. Here you go. This is how you become an online trainer.

Because I feel like everyone and their dog is wanting to do this right now. It's crazy. Everyone is wanting to be a fitness influencer. I am such a proponent of making sure that they have the education behind it because my biggest pet peeve is that nowadays, with Instagram, anyone can be anything, and not necessarily have the education or the background to back them up where this is my craft. This is my life. I've been doing it for 11 years.

And so, I'm just so passionate about making sure that they have the education and the background to back up what they're saying. So that they're safe and that they have the knowledge. So, anyway, I'm creating a whole online training program for online trainers to help them and train them and teach them. So, I'm doing that but anyway, that was a tangent. So the app, the Trainerize app is what I used. And what was your other question?

CAMILLE [20:46]

And then, just how you turned into serving so many people with your approach to holistic as well as physical?

BREEANNA [20:56]

Yeah. So, I have always been very passionate about making sure that my clients were healthy from the inside out. I even talk about gut health and your gut microbiome, making sure that you're eating whole foods. I am not a fan of the low fat, sugar free craft that a lot of people get stuck into because it's not healthy for you. It's not real food. It's chemicals.

And so then, I'm teaching all about mindfulness and I�m giving meditations each week and I have an 8-week program. I do challenges. I do 4 challenges a year. 8-week program challenge, but they can really train with me at any point, but the challenges they can win money and it's kind of fun. It's a competition. But in those challenges, every single week, I'm giving them mental health challenges where they can win 100 dollars a week and it's really for their behavioral change, for their confidence, for their self-love. Teaching them how to meditate. Teaching them how to focus on daily mental wins and focus on you input instead of your output and all of these things that will help build your confidence to where 100% of my clients, when they finish the program say that they're mentally and emotionally stronger.

So, even reading my testimonials, all of them. All of my clients are like, "Not only are my progress pictures amazing, but what's more important is this changed my life. I got off my anxiety medication. I got off my depression medication. I don�t hate myself anymore. I don't weigh myself anymore. I have a better relationship with food. I have more confidence. I have a stronger marriage." That's what I care about and that's why I work my butt off is because I love helping people to see that and to see they're confident.

CAMILLE [22:54]

I love that so much. And what's so cool, too, is that I've done your program twice and I loved it both times. And what I love too is that it's not about having to do a program perfectly, but about integrating healthier behaviors that really make an impact on your life and make you feel like a more confident person because it's really just taking time to touch base with who you are mentally, as well as taking time for yourself physically and that was actually something that I was hoping that we can talk about is, what are some tips or ways that you've found for women to overcome mental blocks that they put in front of their way to going after something that they want? So, whether it's physical or mental, how do you help people to overcome taking time for themselves?

BREEANNA [23:44]

So, yeah. The number one tip is you have to believe that you can. That's the number one tip. If I had too much self-doubt or be like, "I'm just a stay-at-home mom. Who do I think I am? I can't do this. I would never do it." But then, I had my husband and I would sit and meditate on it too like, "Who am I? What can I accomplish?" And I started believing, "Oh, I am this powerful creative person. I'm not just a mom. I can do this." And once I started realizing that it could be a reality, then that's where it starts.

But you have to have that, "Oh, this could be real. This is who I really am." And how you do that is through meditation and mindfulness. And you have to connect with your higher self. I call it your higher self, but it's your subconscious mind because we're all telling ourselves stories every day. We have a running script in our mind every day. And we don't notice it. It could be, "I'm not good enough. I don't deserve to eat that. I messed up yesterday. I don't deserve this love." Things that go through our mind every day and we don't realize it unless we stop and we actually connect.

And that's why meditation is so incredible because that's where I saw myself. I saw my higher self as this powerful, it was almost like an alter ego. I was like, "Oh, that's who I really am. All of this, these subconscious little digs at myself, this is not who I am. That's who I really am." And once I saw myself as that person, I showed up as her, even if I had to pretend. I was like, "You know what? No. I am a boss. I can do this. I can create a team. I can create a supplement line. I can go market to people. I can do this."

And I have to honestly give myself the pep talk all the time, but I remember that alter ego that I saw. That is my true self. That is my higher self. And unless you connect with that part of you, you won't even make it happen. So, taking time to find who you really are, what you really believe. What's your purpose in life? Why are you here? What is most important to you? What do you really want?

I actually have a little 10-minute meditation on my podcast. I call them the Five Soul Questions and it's these questions that you sit and you evaluate. And once you do that, nothing can stop you. Once you realize it, nothing will get in your way and you will overcome every obstacle. You will make it work and you will keep going even when you lose your motivation because you have such a strong conviction of who you are and what you're here for. That it trumps every other obstacle in your way.

CAMILLE [26:54]

Wow. That sounds incredible. What episode is that? So, we can make sure to link it in the Show Notes.

BREEANNA [27:00]

Well, so my first season, I didn't number the episode.

CAMILLE [27:02]

Oh, okay.

BREEANNA [27:05]

But the second season starts actually today. It starts the second season. And I've started numbering them. So, it's just called the Five Soul Questions.

CAMILLE [27:14]

Five Soul Questions. Okay. We'll make sure to link to that below.


CAMILLE [27:18]

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CAMILLE [28:06]

So, with the mental check in. And really, the next question I was going to ask you was how does someone start with meditation if they feel really uncomfortable with that? But it sounds like that episode is like the perfect place to start.

BREEANNA [28:19]

Yeah. And you can also have an IGTV where I walk you through like, "Okay. This is the benefits of meditation. Here's how you start." It's called Meditation for Beginners. Because honestly, my mom would talk about meditating all the time and I'm like, "Oh, yeah. Whatever. That's for you. I'm a 7. I�m just all over the place. I could never do that. I could never just sit in quiet." I don't know. I was super intimidated by it.

And then, I did a whole three-day meditation retreat and my life was changed after that retreat. And will forever be changed because I saw the power. I saw the power in meditation and mindfulness. And that's when I was like, "I need to become a teacher. I need to get this out there. I need to help as many moms as possible." So many women are struggling with anxiety and depression and self-doubt and being self-conscious and mediation can help with a lot of that because like I said, you're connecting with your higher self or if you're religious, you're connecting with God and you're having this amazing connection and I've gotten all of my ideas. I call them downloads. I've gotten all of my downloads every time I'm meditating.

CAMILLE [29:33]

Oh, I love that so much. I think that social media is a really fascinating part of all of this because I feel like the amount of anxiety and depression and self-doubt has gotten up because of social media.

BREEANNA [29:48]


CAMILLE [29:49]

And you and I have both been working in social media for years. There's so much good that comes from it and yet, unless we really get in touch with our mind and our hearts, we won't be able to combat the negative effects. So, I love that you're bringing that to the world and really giving us tools for how to connect with that power and how to make a minute to be still because we live in such a fast-paced world.

BREEANNA [30:12]

Yes. When I'm distracted, I'm anxious. If you notice, if you're in the stop light and you have to pull your phone out and scroll through Instagram at a stop light, that's what we do as a society. We are never just alone with our thoughts, especially as moms. We always have chaos all the time. And distraction is what makes you anxious.

And so, it's not even the comparison game, that's a whole other beast of social media. It's the fact that our brains are constantly distracted and we're missing the beautiful moments in life. We're missing the conversations with our kids in the car. When my son comes up and gives me a hug, if I'm distracted, checking the email or checking Instagram, I'm like, "Oh. Thanks, buddy." And he runs off. But if I'm in the moment, I'm like really taking in, this is mindfulness. I'm really taking in that moment and those little moments of joy throughout the day or those little moments of connection throughout the day are what bring true happiness and true joy. And we're missing it because we're so distracted and that's why we're getting depressed and anxious. Anyway, I could go on forever.

CAMILLE [31:24]

People can't see me, but I'm just nodding my head this whole time. Everything you're saying, I absolutely agree with 100%. So, we talked about possibly there being more than one step to this of overcoming and reaching out for those goals. Do you have more steps? I don�t want to knock them out.

BREEANNA [31:41]

Yeah. Sorry. That was the first one.

CAMILLE [31:42]

Okay. First one, mindfulness.

BREEANNA [31:42]

The first one was mindfulness and just seeing your true self, believing that you can actually do it. And you might even have to fake it until you make it. So, that was the first step. The second step is you have to make time for it. That's the time blocking. For me, I would just try to work when I could and I would be like, "Okay. I'll work during nap times." And then, the baby wouldn't nap. And then, I'd be behind and I'd be up until 2 in the morning working every night. And so, I burnt myself out. Whereas if I time blocked and I was like, "Okay. My work days are Monday and Wednesday from this time to this time and this is when I work."

Or even, if you don't have a business and you're trying to get creative with what business you could do, that is your creative time. That's your time where you're brainstorming and researching and trying to figure out what it could be. But if you never set aside the time, you'll never figure it out. So, I would say step two would be setting aside time even if you have to get a babysitter. If you need to get a babysitter for two hours, do it. And if you can't afford to get a babysitter, trade with a friend. I had to do that. I couldn't afford to get a babysitter when I first started. So, me and my friend would trade. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we would trade. And I knew that was my time to try to figure out how to start this business.

And so, it's just setting aside the time and valuing that time. I wouldn't schedule anything in that two-hour block. It was like a date with myself. So, I would say, step two would be setting aside the time and making sure that you get help if you need it and asking for that help.

And then, number three, I would say would be setting the goals. You have to have a clear vision of where you're going to go. And so, I'm a huge believer. I don't know if you've heard of the Law of Attraction or The Secret.

CAMILLE [33:41]

Yes. Yeah.

BREEANNA [33:42]

I am a huge believer in that.

CAMILLE [33:45]

Me too.

BREEANNA [33:46]

I have my visionary boards. I know exactly where I'm going and I don't want to sound cocky, but I know that I will get. I know deep in my soul that I will accomplish everything on that board, no matter how crazy it sounds. And because I believe in the law of attraction, it's working for me my entire life. And I actually did a podcast episode on it, but it's a running joke between my friends. Because they're like, "Oh, Bree's going to manifest it and she'll get it." Because I'm like, "Oh, yeah. I want that. I'll manifest that. I'll manifest that to happen in my life." And so, I think setting goals, having the vision, using The Secret or the Law of Attraction to write everything down. Be specific. Visualize it. Do your visionary board because you can't get there if you don't know where you're going. So, those would be my three tips.

CAMILLE [34:41]

I love it. So, are you a fan of The Miracle Morning? Have you read that book?

BREEANNA [34:45]

Yes. I love it.

CAMILLE [34:48]

And Atomic Habits?

BREEANNA [34:48]

Yup. I love Atomic Habits.

CAMILLE [34:49]

Okay. That's great. Yeah. I'm right in line with you because I do think that there is so much power that comes when we decide what it is that we want. And especially when we're seeking to do good in the world and that you can use that power, your truest self or in my case, I believe in God. I believe that God has that destiny and He wants to bless you. He wants you to do the things that you're meant to do with the gifts that you have.

BREEANNA [35:15]


CAMILLE [35:16]

So, I'm curious with your visionary board or your vision board. What are the things that you're reaching for right now that have in the past seemed out of touch or maybe something that you had on your vision board that you now have accomplished? What are some of those that you've been a part of that you've seen that transformation happen?

BREEANNA [35:37]

Well, I remember when we were talking about starting a supplement line. And I was like, "No way. There are so many people that have supplement lines. I'm not going to be successful at that. I don't even want to take that on. That's so much work. How am I going to do that?" And then, I was like, "You know what? Put it on the visionary board. Put it on there and just see what happens." And now, the supplement line is incredible. It's way better than I ever thought possible because I truly believed that there was a missing piece with clean supplements. I was like, "We are missing it. We're doing more harm than good with a lot of the supplements that we're taking in with all the artificial colors and sweeteners and everything we're putting in that's so bad for our gut health."

I'm like, "I need to create something better." And that was a really scary thing for me, but I put it on my vision board and I visualized me doing it and it being successful and it happened and it was really cool for me. Or even just this whole brand idea. When I first started, I was terrified and I was like, "Oh, this will just be a hobby. I'll train 20 people on the side. I'm just a mom." And then, I was like, "No. I actually had visualized me." Adam asked me like, "What is your dream job?" And I said, "Teaching people fitness and mindfulness and helping women and traveling the world doing it." And that's what I do. What I do is even better than I could ever imagine. I tell Adam every night like, "I'm living my dream. This is better than I could ever imagine." And I kind of have a funny story. I'll be fast. Sorry, I'm talking so much.

CAMILLE [37:20]

No. You're great.

BREEANNA [37:23]

This is the law of attraction. Okay. And this is how much I believe in it. I had done a shoot with iFit. I don't know if you know iFit or Nordictrack.

CAMILLE [37:31]

Yeah. I do.

BREEANNA [37:32]

So, I'm one of their trainers. So, I create programs for them that I'll record. When you're at the building, you see all of these trainers that are in Iceland and Japan and Norway and all these really cool destinations. And I was like, "I want to do that." Because I've only been at the studio. So, I came home and I emailed my contact and I was like, "I don't know who I need to talk to, but I have this really great idea for a mindfulness meditation series, incorporating this and this and this and I have this idea. And I was like, I would love to go to Bali and make this happen. I want to go meditate under a waterfall in Bali, blah blah, blah."

CAMILLE [38:15]

Oh my gosh. That's amazing.

BREEANNA [38:16]

Yeah. So, I came down. I was staying in Utah for that shoot and I came down to my mom and I was like, "Mom. Mark my words. I will be travelling with iFit by next year. I'm going to be one of the POV trainers and I'm going to be travelling." I'm like, "Either Greece, Italy or Bali." And I was like, "And I am going to make this happen." And she's a big believer in it too. She's like, "Okay, honey. Manifest it."

CAMILLE [38:41]

I love it.

BREEANNA [38:42]

Yeah. So, six months later, I get a call from iFit. "Hey, we have this really cool idea. We want you to do a mindfulness series." And they had never even seen the e-mail that I sent.

CAMILLE [38:56]


BREEANNA [38:56]

They didn't even see it. One of the girls had seen it, but the boss who was pitching this to me never even saw that email. And he's like, "We�re just wondering. Would you be available to maybe travel to Bali or something?" And I just started laughing. And I was like, "Yeah. I manifested this." I told him that. "I manifested this six months ago and it's happening."

CAMILLE [39:19]

Wow. Oh, I'm grinning ear to ear. That is so cool.

BREEANNA [39:24]

So anyway, stuff like that happened all the time because I believe it will. I believe it will. You know how some people are like, "I'm so unlucky." People are like, "That stuff never happens to me." I'm the opposite. I'm like, "I'm the luckiest person ever. Everything always works out for me." And I'm like, "If I have an idea, I'm going to attract the opportunities to come to me." I'm going to attract this business person to contact me because I think that we'll work together. And they'll email me. I'm not kidding. It's really crazy.

CAMILLE [39:57]

Wow. I think I need to do some more visualizations. I have had moments like that in my life as well. And I'm curious. When you're making your visualization, do you actually have a physical board where you cut out pictures and paste it on a poster and look at it? What does it look like for you? Is it more writing it down?

BREEANNA [40:13]

Yeah. It's actually both. So, my husband, he's so cute. He has his laminated.

CAMILLE [40:19]


BREEANNA [40:19]

Adam wakes up at five in the morning. He's better than me. He wakes up at five in the morning and he meditates on his visionary board for 15 minutes every single day. Every single morning. He looks at the pictures. He envisions like, "This is what it's going to feel like when I get it." He acts as if he's already gotten it. He thanks the universe and God for creating the opportunities and he knows it's already happening. It's a lot of work. You can't just wish for it.

CAMILLE [40:52]


BREEANNA [40:53]

We work really hard for it. But it's believing that it will actually happen. So, we do that. I meditate on it. I'm writing it down. I talk about it a lot too. I talk about it in conversation like, "Hey. I'm starting this new online training business. I think this is what's going to be really cool and here's the people I'm going to attract and this is how I'm going to make it happen." And I talk about it all the time.

CAMILLE [41:15]

I think that there's so much power in that though because before something becomes an action or actually comes into fruition, everything starts as a thought.

BREEANNA [41:24]


CAMILLE [41:25]

So, if we're not even allowing our minds and our visions and that attraction to come to us with our thoughts, then what do you have? Nothing.

BREEANNA [41:34]


CAMILLE [41:34]

It won't ever come. So, oh my gosh, that's so cool. I'm getting fired up about taking that piece more because I feel like there is so much power within us and so much goodness that's available for everyone. It's not limited. There's so much abundance.

BREEANNA [41:50]

So much abundance.

CAMILLE [41:51]

And everyone who's listening, there's abundance for you.

BREEANNA [41:54]

For everyone.

CAMILLE [41:55]

For whatever it is that you're wishing or wanting, it is there. It will be provided but a lot of times we need to ask for it.

BREEANNA [42:03]

Yeah. No, definitely. I truly believe that if it's your calling and it's something that you're so passionate about. It might sound weird to some people, but I believe that our ancestors are helping us all the time.

CAMILLE [42:17]

I do too. Totally on board.

BREEANNA [42:18]

Yeah. And I'll ask my ancestors. I'll be like, "Can you please help me with this?" And I feel like I'm not alone. I feel like I'm being helped on my mission here on earth and my journey. And I know this is getting deep, but that's what pushes you when you want to quit. When it gets too hard and I�m exhausted, I'm like, "I need help" and I feel like I'm not alone. And it's really cool to ask your ancestors and your angels and God, if you're religious, or your higher self, whatever you believe in, you're not alone. There are people around you that you can't see that are helping you. So, I truly believe that. If your intentions are pure and you're helping people, I truly believe that.

CAMILLE [43:01]

Yeah. I do too. Now, taking it back with your kids, I know that health and fitness and your kids and being connected with them is really important to you. You're an amazing mother. What are some ways that you have created a priority for that? We've talked about time blocking with them, but are there certain rituals or things that you do together? I see you working out with your kids. I love seeing that. Tell me about more of those things that you do with your family.

BREEANNA [43:27]

Yeah. I love working out with my kids. I love teaching them to be strong and healthy. Olivia will never hear me say, "I want to be skinnier or whatever, my stomach tightening over my pants." She will never hear that because it's so damaging. And so, I'm very consciously aware of being like, "Look how powerful our legs are. Doesn't that feel good to get air inside of our lungs? Don't you feel really happy right now when you're moving your body?" And I focus on all of those things that have nothing to do with body image. It's more confidence and what you can do with your body. And so, I try to focus on that.

We try to do something physical every day because just my kids are crazy. They're psycho. They're just like so much energy. They're like, "We need to go and get out." But I also have to have a breather if I'm in my house all day, so I have to get out every day anyway. So anyway, we love to move our bodies.

If you follow me, I love to cook. I love to cook really good meals for my family. And I love to have dinner time. So, I make sure that that is something where we're all sitting down at the table together, we're talking about our day and sometimes it's crazy. Sometimes, the baby's walking on the table or Jameson's throwing a fit. It's not always pretty. But I make it a habit that we sit down together for dinner at night. It's really important to me. And I don't make my kids separate meals. My kids, they know, this is what we're eating. It's zucchini and peppers and onions and broccoli and they don't get another option.

So, one thing that is hard for me is when I see people make really healthy meals for themselves, and then they give their kids pop tarts, mac and cheese, fruit loops and I'm like, "Ahh! This is the most important time in their life for brain development and we're feeding them all of the pesticides and the GMO foods and the dyes and the sugar." And I never, ever, ever want a mom to feel bad because I understand it's hard. It's so hard. I never want a mom to feel bad. I just want to teach and educate and show her, it's just as easy to make oatmeal as it is sugar cereal. It's just as easy.

And whatever you teach them young, it's how their eating habits are going to be when they grow up. So, I was lucky because my mom, she'd give us flax seed oatmeal for breakfast. We had to drink a protein shake every day after school. We'd get sugar cereal for Christmas because we never got it. So, I was raised that way. And so, when I went to college, I was like, "Oh my gosh. I could get whatever sugar cereal I want." I went. I bought like Lucky Charms. I bought Reese's Puffs. I felt sick to my stomach and I never bought it again. I went back and I got my oatmeal. I got my eggs. I had the foundation and I knew that it made me feel good.

And so, I'm always constantly teaching my kids like, "What do green foods do?" I try to make it fun so if Jameson is throwing a fit, I'm like, "Jameson, what do green foods do for you?" And he knows, "They make you faster." What do orange foods do for you? "They help you see better." So, I'll tell him. "They help you see in the dark." So, I'll be like, "They help you see in the dark." And we'll play hide and go seek in the dark. I'll be like, "Let's eat our orange vegetables, so you can see in the dark better."

CAMILLE [47:12]

Nice. Yeah.

BREEANNA [47:12]

I just make it fun for them. Or they know protein. I'll be like, "Meat makes you get big muscles like dad. When you wrestle dad, you're going to win." I just do things like that and now, Jameson's like, "Oh, I have to go to jujitsu mom. Can I have an egg?" He'll say things like that. Because he's like, "I need to fuel myself." So, it's just teaching them the knowledge. I'm giving very long answers. I'm sorry.

CAMILLE [47:40]

No. Are you kidding me? This is gold. I'm sure that everyone that's listening because I know there are times, we drink protein shakes in this house and we also have sugary cereal. And it's interesting because my kids all have different preferences where they're not all the same. My youngest right now will tell you that salad is his favorite meal, but that is not how it was for the other three. And so, I feel like the way that we're talking to our children about food and what it does as fuel, rather than a reward versus punishment cycle.

BREEANNA [48:14]

For sure.

CAMILLE [48:14]

I feel like there's so much power that comes with talking about what good foo can do for your body. So, I think that's amazing.

BREEANNA [48:21]

Yes. And don't get me wrong. We eat sugar. We just ate a whole tray of cupcakes last night. I just teach them like, "Eat one cupcake or your stomach's going to hurt. That will make you have a really bad headache. Your stomach's going to hurt. So maybe, let's just eat one." And then, we still have sugar. I mean, we'll go eat ice cream and stuff like that. It's just making sure they get the nutrients in.

CAMILLE [48:44]

Yeah. No. That's so smart. I love it. I think one thing that I try to remember to say to my kids too is to listen to your body. And they might want that second cookie but I'll say, "Check in first. How does your tummy feel? Do you think it might make you sick?" And just the other day, my son was like, "I don't want anymore. My tummy's telling me no." And I'm so proud of him. I was like, "Yeah. That's what you need, to listen to your body that way." And I'm curious, do you have a cookbook for families like family friendly foods? If you don't, I think you should because I think that that's something that could be so beneficial.

BREEANNA [49:19]

I would love to do a cookbook. I've actually thought about it a lot. It's a ton of work.

CAMILLE [49:24]

It is. I've done it, so I know. Yeah.

BREEANNA [49:27]

Oh, well, then maybe I'll just use yours.

CAMILLE [49:29]

No, no.

BREEANNA [49:31]

I'll use your family cookbook.

CAMILLE [49:32]

Well, yeah. I want to see yours. We can swap.

BREEANNA [49:36]

I love to cook, but I think that's not what I'm really best at. I'm not good at creating recipes, but I love to cook. So, I love to use Lillie Loves Macros Cookbook. Hers is great because I love cooking, but still tracking macros and she makes it easy with families and they're really good meals. My family eats all of them. But I want to try your cookbook. I would love to do that.

CAMILLE [50:01]

Okay. Well, I'll send you some. I think a lot of My Mommy Style, the website is filled with recipes.

BREEANNA [50:08]


CAMILLE [50:08]

And so, yeah, but they're not all perfectly macro friendly. I love Elise's Macro meals because she's got it all laid out.

BREEANNA [50:16]

I love it.

CAMILLE [50:18]

I feel like I'm still a beginner, where it comes to Macros when it comes to that. And so, learning from you and Elise, we'll link your resources below because we have all of these where you can join with your program and also your supplements. And man, your protein is so clean tasting. I think your vanilla is the best I've had just mixed with almond milk. It just tastes like vanilla ice cream to me. That is so good.

BREEANNA [50:46]

I know. I will pay you your money if you don't like it. That's how confident I am because I think in the two years that my protein's been out, I have refunded two people.

CAMILLE [51:00]

Wow. We may need to dig into that just a little bit. How were you able to find the right people to create your supplements and your protein?

BREEANNA [51:09]

Well, I had the supplement company actually approach me, which is funny because that's again, the law of attraction. I have prayed about and meditated on that. Who would be the best company for me? And they approached me. And it just worked. I told them everything I wanted. I said, "I want to make a protein from scratch and this is everything I want in it." And I was like, "I want to be organic, New Zealand grass fed. I want digestive enzymes. I want probiotics. I don't want any fillers. I don't want any artificial sweeteners and no artificial colors or flavors." And they're like, "Uh, okay. This is going to be really hard." I'm sure they thought I was the pickiest person but I'm like, "And it has to taste amazing."

CAMILLE [52:00]

And isn't it gluten free?

BREEANNA [52:02]


CAMILLE [52:05]

Yeah. Because, I can't remember who it was I saw talking about it, but they were saying that it was the only protein that was really good on their stomach where they're gluten intolerant and have different sensitivities like that. And man, that's quite the compliment with everything that's on the shelves.

BREEANNA [52:18]

And I'm also lactose intolerant, so I was like, "I need this to be low lactose." And they're like "Okay. Add it to the list." I was very picky. And even when they sent it to me, I took it to a third party. I have this holistic doctor because I just don't want any traces of heavy metals or toxins or parabens or sulfates or anything. I mean, not that sulfates wouldn't be in a protein, but I'm just saying like any traces of anything. And I took it to have her test it. And she was like, "This is the cleanest protein product I've ever seen." And I was like, "Yeah. Because I was so picky."

CAMILLE [52:59]


BREEANNA [53:00]

I'm just so proud of it. And I also took my greens to her because a lot of greens, people don't realize that they're GMO crops. And so, they get sprayed with pesticides. Then, they take those greens. They grind it up and you're drinking the pesticides.

CAMILLE [53:19]


BREEANNA [53:19]

And so, yeah, I took my greens to her to make sure. She's like, "There's no pesticides. It's so clean." I took my fish oils because you can have mercury in fish oil. It can be from a salmon farm that is full of bacteria. I just want the cleanest product and ours is a wild Alaskan salmon. And she tested it, she's like, "Uh, can I actually sell your products here? Because I want to give them to all of my clients."

CAMILLE [53:49]


BREEANNA [53:50]

And I was like, "Yeah." Because they're so clean. Same with the digestive enzymes. She's like, "This digestive enzyme's way better than the one that I've been promoting."

CAMILLE [52:58]


BREEANNA [53:59]

Yeah. I'm just super passionate about making sure it's clean because it's what I would want to put in my body.

CAMILLE [54:05]

Yeah. Well, man, I am so proud of you and proud to be an affiliate. So, if you are listening, thinking, "I need to try this out." We will have the links below with a discount and I'm telling you. I'm really excited about trying the digestive enzyme. I haven't started it yet.

BREEANNA [54:20]

Oh, you will love it.

CAMILLE [54:23]

Well, with COVID and everything going on, I feel like my tummy has been affected more than anything else in a way. So, I'm really, really thrilled to try that because I know so much of our mental clarity and health comes from our gut.

BREEANNA [54:37]

And I do want to say, we're coming out with a probiotic. Hopefully, next week.

CAMILLE [54:42]

Oh, whoo, whoo! So that will be out by the time this airs, for sure. That's so cool.

BREEANNA [54:46]

The probiotic is going to be the best for your gut health, which is connected to your serotonin, your feel-good levels which helps with anxiety, depression, your skin, mood swings, brain fog, all of that. Bloating, everything. The probiotic, and not all probiotics are created equal, So, make sure to go look at it. It's an amazing product.

CAMILLE [55:09]

Well, you are amazing. I am just proud to be your friend and so grateful that you came on this show today. Please tell everyone where they can find you.

BREEANNA [55:19]

Thank you. I have an Instagram @bodybybreefitness. I have a podcast Better Me by BodyByBree or bodybybreepodcast.com. And I have a website bodybybree.com.

CAMILLE [55:34]

Perfect. Well, thank you so, so much. I know that everyone listening has been jotting down notes because this was just filled with so much goodness.

BREEANNA [55:42]

Thank you so much. I appreciate you having me on. And you're a boss yourself. I learned a lot from you as well. So, I'm so excited for your podcast as well.

CAMILLE [55:51]

Thank you. All right. Well, we're going to tie that up for this one. Make sure you check the Show Notes today because you're going to want to try all of Bree's amazing products. And so grateful for her to being here today. We will see you next week.


CAMILLE [56:05]

Man, that was such a good episode. I hope that you found something helpful within it. If you did, please leave a rating or review and leave a 5-star review wherever you're listening to this podcast. I love connecting with you here and sharing what it is that you love about this podcast. You can connect with me @callmeceopodcast on Instagram. We also have a Facebook group and if you're wondering what your why and what your purpose is, I have a free 5-day training available on callmeceopodcast.com. So, come be my friend. I love it when you come and say hi.



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