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Are you a highly motivated, achieving woman entrepreneur seeking a supportive community, collaboration, and a roadmap to achieve your goals? Look no further than SHEO, a brand new coaching program launched by Camille and her sister Janae, the dynamic duo behind the popular blog Solstice Sisters and mommystyle.com.

After years of planning and drawing from their decades of combined experience in entrepreneurship, coaching, and business strategy, Camille and Janae have crafted a unique group coaching program designed specifically for women entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least three years and are ready to take their ventures to the next level.

SHEO (She-O) is not just another coaching program; it’s a transformative journey that combines performance psychology principles, brain science, and holistic approaches to help you achieve your goals while maintaining harmony in your personal and professional life. Through this program, you’ll learn mental skills, best practices, and systems to make your work feel more attuned to your current season of life, all while taking care of yourself, your family, and your aspirations.

The program’s format consists of two monthly virtual trainings, one led by Camille and the other by Janae, spanning an entire year. This long-term commitment is designed to help you break down your goals into manageable quarters, ensuring a sustainable and impactful transformation.

But SHEO isn’t just about virtual sessions; it also offers four in-person events throughout the year, including a moonlight meditation in June, a day-long event in September, a January lunch meetup, and a spring celebration in April. These events provide opportunities for face-to-face connection, networking, and deeper immersion in the program’s principles.

One of the program’s unique features is the incorporation of tools like the StrengthsFinder test and the Enneagram, which will help you identify your strengths, work and live more efficiently, and find greater joy in your pursuits.

Camille and Janae bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Janae’s background includes building a multimillion-dollar commercial janitorial business with her husband, which has expanded into pest control, snow removal, landscaping, disaster cleanup, and advertising. Camille, on the other hand, has mastered the art of juggling an online business while raising little ones, offering insights into managing your day, self-care, and finding joy in the journey.

SHEO is offering an exciting early bird incentive: sign up by May 15th, and you’ll receive a 30-minute one-on-one session with Camille and Janae to help you clarify your goals and ensure you’re on the right track.

The program’s pricing is designed to be accessible yet reflective of its value: $250 per month with a payment plan option or $2,500 for the full year (saving $500). This investment covers all virtual and in-person events, as well as food and resources.

If you’re ready to harness the power of community, collaboration, and brain performance principles to take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights, visit sheo.co to learn more and secure your spot in this transformative program.


Show Notes:

  1. Introduction to SHEO, a new coaching program for women entrepreneurs by Camille and Janae.
  2. Program overview: group coaching, performance psychology, brain science, holistic approach.
  3. Ideal participants: women entrepreneurs in business for at least 3 years, seeking next-level growth.
  4. Program format: two monthly virtual trainings, one led by Camille and one by Janae, spanning a year.
  5. In-person events: moonlight meditation (June), day-long event (September), January lunch meetup, spring celebration (April).
  6. Focus areas: strengths identification, efficient living, joy, community, work-life harmony.
  7. Camille and Janae’s expertise: online business, family life balance (Camille), multimillion-dollar commercial business (Janae).
  8. Early bird incentive: 30-minute one-on-one session with Camille and Janae for signups by May 15th.
  9. Pricing: $250/month or $2,500 for the full year (save $500).
  10. Visit sheo.co for more information and to sign up.

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Hey everyone, it's Camille here and it's a solo show and I am so thrilled to introduce you to a brand new program that is coming out Starting June 5th, my sister and I are launching a brand new coaching program. It is a group group coaching program for highly motivated, achieving, incredible women. Now, this is something that's been in the works for many, many years.

My sister and I started our. blog together, the solstice sisters back in 2012. And that eventually morphed into my mommy style. com. And we, the whole motivation behind it, when I thought of starting this blog was that I wanted to bring women together quarterly because so many women that I talked to either in person or online said that they were.

Really seeking community collaboration and also a way to achieve their goals and connecting with like minded women. Now, that long ago, I had tiny little ones at home. I only had, I think at the time my oldest was three. And my second at the time was eight or nine months old. And so it was a great time to start my blog, but it wasn't necessarily a great time to host women or bring women together in a coaching scenario because I had little kids around and it was just a really high demanding time.

So all these years later. My sister is now getting her doctorate in performance psychology, which if you've read anything about brain performance psychology, it's all about seeking mental skills to help you achieve your goals in a way that's doable. But a lot of people who get that degree or that doctorate degree are coaching high performance athletes or people who are competing at a really high level.

And we thought, gosh, wouldn't it be nice if there was a program that was available where we could apply these same practices of using brain science to help women and mothers achieve their goals with everything that is coming at you every single day. So this is for women who are looking for the mental skills to help you to move forward in entrepreneurship, in your personal life, understanding your significance outside of the business strategy, And a holistic approach of what brings it all together.

So best practices for systems, how to make work work, feel more attuned to the season of life that you're in, as well as what our best practices to take care of yourself, your family. Your goals outside of that in the big picture. So we are putting together this mastermind group of season entrepreneurs.

This is for people who have been in business. I would say probably for a minimum of three years who are looking to achieve the next level of business, but are also looking for women who have been in business for a while and really need that support. where you may just have questions of like, how do I achieve my next goal?

Or how do I create a lifestyle that really helps me to achieve my goals? So we're going to offer coaching where we will have performance psychology lessons to perform at the top of your game. And we'll also be going over. Social media, how to connect with other women, how to create a next level in your business with creating harmony in your personal and professional life.

So we'll be talking about systems, how to work through your journey of growth and your perspective of your growth. So it's going to be, how do I grow my business without losing my mind, but also doing some really exciting things in between. So the format of this is actually going to be, Where we host two trainings a month.

So Janae will be teaching one. I will be teaching one and we're doing it for a year. So this is going to be a program where it's really meant to be something that you work on long, long term, but we're going to be breaking up the goals that you have by the quarter that we're working with. So where we're starting in June, we're really going to hone in on What are the strengths that you have using the strengths finder test and the Enneagram to really focus in on what it is that you have to offer.

What makes you work and live most efficiently and also with as much joy as possible. I have gone to so many coaching or masterminds in the past where a lot of it is about efficiency, which we will be talking about that. But we also want to talk about what is really going to make you develop the life that you're wanting to live.

What is it that's missing from your life as far as community and also in your day to day practices that is really going to help you move the needle. So this is a longer term Coaching opportunity is something where you're really going to get to know these women that come into this group. And I'm so excited because many of the people who actually have expressed interest in joining this group have been guests on this show.

And so if you like. The women that have been on this show and they feel like women that know their stuff and are incredible, which they all are because anyone that comes on this show is, I vet them and they're incredible. That is the kind of person who we are attracting. And if that sounds like that is you, please join us because it's going to be incredible.

Now. With the virtual meetups, we also want to offer the opportunity for us to get together in person. So we're doing four in person events and you can read about all of the details at sheeo. co where we detail what those in person events are going to be. One is going to be a moonlight meditation in June.

The second is going to be a bigger event where it's a day event that's to be held in September. And then early January we have Come back together meeting lunch, um, in January, and then our final spring celebration is going to be April 30th. So between all of those meetings, we're going to be Meeting, um, virtually.

So those bigger events that we're doing in person will also be streamed where you can join us if you cannot fly in, or some people have said that they, they want to fly in. So really what we want to do is to help you to hit the ground running with a freshly strategized. And between the two of us, we have decades of experience with business in all different varieties with our own coaching that we've done, as well as businesses we've built in person and online.

So with Janae, she has been a guest on this podcast before. She was one of my first podcast episodes, but she has built a business with her husband that is a multimillion dollar. operation where it started as one commercial janitorial business. But now underneath that umbrella, they have, um, pest control, snow removal, landscaping, disaster cleanup, advertising.

It's this conglomerate that is huge and so massively Expansive that it's like way beyond what I could share where my experience is more building business online, juggling little kids with running an online business. How do you manage your day so that you can take care of yourself, take care of your family, and also have a fun time doing it.

And so we're really bringing together our strengths and using how our brain works to give you the tools to adjust your mindset Transcribed And transform your life. So professional athletes receive training to achieve peak performance. And so should you, and we really feel like there should be a roadmap to help you manage your stress and fully recover after a game day, so to speak as.

As women who are doing incredible, incredible things, just to give you a quick run through of what our schedule or our topics will be is harnessing harmony, focus, and motivation systems and sales seasons of life, confidence, and resilience given receive reflect and celebrate truths and lies of social media, self love self care overcoming obstacles, joy, and pain, sunshine and rain and bucket list behavior.

Listen, this is something that over the decades of our experience, we want nothing more than to give back to our community and especially as women who are looking for a sisterhood and a group of women that they can really bring big questions to and have people to rally around them. That is what this is all about.

So this episode is purely dedicated to that. And we are offering a really exciting, um, initiative, I guess you should say. It is a hundred dollars off for you and a friend. If you sign up together, we really believe. In having someone with you, like an accountability partner, and it's more exciting when you say, Hey, let's do this together.

That's how my sister and I really approach this is we're like, we could do this on our own. We're already coaching one-on-one clients on our own, but how fun would it be to do this together? And so that's what we're doing. Now, today as I record this, it is April 28th, and our actual first meeting, virtual meeting, is going to be on June 6th.

So we have some time. This is a little bit of a teaser, but if you sign up early, there are special incentives. For you to sign in, because we are giving early signees 30 minutes, one on one with me and Janae. And if that's something where you're not quite sure what you want that goal to be, but you really want to be a part of something, we want to offer that.

And that's only available through. We haven't picked an exact date. So I don't want to, I'm going to say for the next two weeks. So I would say maybe by May 15th, I need to confirm this with Janae. Um, but that is something for our early signees who are saying, yes, I'm in, we want you with us. So go to sheo.

co and it's she, S H E dash. E dash O to get all of the information and the pricing. You're probably wondering what is the pricing for this? We wanted to make it extremely affordable so that people who are taking their business seriously could sign up and really be committed to it, but not break the bank.

And we've come up with two 50 a month. If you want to pay for the year, month to month as a payment plan, or to save 500, you can pay for it in full. At 2, 500. So that includes all of the in person events, as well as the food involved with that, and the trainings, like we, it really is a steal, but more than anything, we just really want to create a sisterhood for women to have a place to come, feel supported, and also get brain performance tools that you can use.

For forever. So I hope you will check it out. I'll put the link below and please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have. And you can email me at call me CEO podcast at gmail. com. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you so much for being here and I will see you on Thursday.

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