Empowering ambitious mothers to create a flexible and dynamic life.


Empowering ambitious mothers to create a flexible and dynamic life.


build a profitable venture

right from your kitchen table

build a profitable venture right from your kitchen table

60 Days to VA

Everything you need to build your own Virtual Assistant Business in only 7 weeks!


Are you ready to expand your business while enjoying a healthy life balance?


Dive into the stories of successful business women, who’s favorite title is “mom.” 

One of the best decisions I have made for my businesses thus far!

I found Camille through Instagram and quickly appreciated and looked to her content for daily motivation. I then began listening to her podcast (Call Me CEO) and was truly inspired by her story, grace in the face of conflict or difficulties, and the stories of other guests she hosted. I had been looking to hire a VA for some time, but could not seem to find the best way to go about that.  Camille made it almost too easy!  She listened to my needs and quickly found candidates that would fit perfectly for my team.  I found a great VA thanks to Camille and I am excited to discuss coaching with Camille as well.  She truly is a great leader, resource, and mentor to anyone in business.

Catarina Matias, Founder and CEO The Bite Company | Recruit Me

Hi, I'm Camille.

I’m a business coach, author, podcaster, and educator. My passion is helping women, especially moms, achieve work-life balance, pursue a career they love, and make a living without burnout. Whether it’s building a flexible business from home or hiring team members for more time at home, I’ve got your back. From creating systems to supporting your journey, let’s make success work for you.

CEO Moms dish secrets and lessons learned

Dive into the stories of women who’s favorite title is mom, but you can call them CEO💎

In addition to real-talk and behind-the-scenes details, each episode is designed to help you discover your own passions and tactical tools for making the magic and mayhem work! Thinking about starting a business? Want to figure out if your idea could work? I will share in-depth interviews and can-do approach steps to making it all work together for your good. You can make it happen and before long you will be known as CEO.

Create more intentional time with your family, yourself, and your business.

Each of these programs was designed to help you create greater intention with your time.