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Building a business from scratch is no joke! Doing it as a busy mom of four takes even more focused effort and skill. I mean, the list of accolades of this girl is incredible.

If you’re looking for the most empowering motherhood advice… look no further! In this episode, Camille welcomes Natalie Monson, creator of the food blog, Super Healthy Kids, and CEO of Prepear, an app that helps you organize your recipes, plan your meals, and get your groceries fast. Natalie is a Registered Dietician, beginning her career in the medical field working with people suffering from chronic illness. Seeing firsthand how nutrition and fitness can play a significant role in preventing disease and improving quality of life, she created Super Healthy Kids and has been growing it over the past decade while raising her four kids. Natalie and her husband have also grown Prepear to become a 7-figure business while learning how to be great business partners along the way.

Listen in to learn the best lessons from having a business partner, how to monetize a blog and everything you need to know about how her app, Prepear, works. Plus, Natalie shares her top pieces of advice for moms who want to pursue entrepreneurship or full-time motherhood.

Sometimes I think we get stuck with the idea that if I create a product or I create a business, I have to stick with this forever and I think that is faulty thinking. The idea that you have right now or the product that you have as an idea right now could be the launching point to help you discover your interests and develop your other priorities later. There’s a lot of freedom in recognizing that

—Natalie Monson

Natalie sheds light on why she decided to start a subscription-based online business, the challenges she’s faced as a business owner, and how she balances motherhood and work. She vulnerably shares her thoughts on the biggest challenge in creating an app with no experience and having a full-time nanny for her young children to give her more time to focus on her business.

Sometimes as women, we feel like we have to fit in this box, but I think it’s so important that women feel like they can do what they actually want to do based on their skillset.

—Natalie Monson


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Hey, my friend. It's so good to see you again here this week at Call Me CEO. I am Camille and I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day, whether you are running around getting things done, doing dishes, laundry or even out for a run. I appreciate you taking the time to be here with us today.

And you are in for a real treat because we are speaking with my friend, Natalie Monson, who is the CEO of Prepear and also runs the successful food blog Super Healthy Kids. Natalie is a registered dietician and began her career working in the medical field with people suffering from chronic illness. She saw firsthand how nutrition and fitness can play a significant role in preventing disease and improve quality of life. She started working on Super Healthy Kids 10 years ago and has continued to grow it while raising her four kids.

Natalie and her husband, Russ, co-founded Prepear four years ago as a platform for food bloggers to sell subscriptions to their content including cookbooks, meal plans, and ad free recipes. Consumers use Prepear to connect all the parts of their cooking life into a single app. From discovering, organizing their groceries to grocery shopping and cooking, they can do it all with Prepear's uniquely built features.

Together, Natalie and Russ have grown their business to over seven figures in revenue while building an incredible team and have learned how to be married and business partners along the way.

Today, we are going to dive into what it took to create the kind of success not only in her business, but in her family life as well. And I would love for you to join and continue the conversation not only here on the podcast, but also on Instagram and Facebook. We have an amazing community and please stay tuned as well for the solo shows to help you balance motherhood and business. Let's dive in.


CAMILLE [1:50]

So, you want to make an impact. You're thinking about starting a business, sharing your voice. How do women do it that handle motherhood, family, and still chase after those dreams? We'll listen each week as we dive into the stories of women who know. This is Call Me CEO.


CAMILLE [2:09]

Welcome back everyone to another episode of Call Me CEO. I am your host, Camille Walker, and today, I am joined with the lovely Natalie Monson, who is the creator of Super Healthy Kids and Prepear, which is an app service-based that helps you take all of the recipes that you love and know in Pinterest and turn them into a grocery action plan that saves you time, money, and your sanity. Natalie, thank you so much for being here today.


Thanks, Camille. I'm super excited to chat with you.

CAMILLE [2:40]

Now, I have known you for quite some time and I wish that we could spend more time together, but we just are like ships of the night of internet knowing. It's been years. We are the OG bloggers. We've been there. You've been there for about 10. I've been there for about nine and I want to hear more. Share with our audience your family, a bit of your background, and diving into what got you started on Super Healthy Kids.

NATALIE [3:02]

Yeah. So, I actually grew up here in Utah. And one of the things that attracted my husband Russ and I to each other is that we both really loved Utah. And so, we loved to talk about all of the things we loved to do here. We're both outdoorsy people and we love southern Utah. We love the mountains. There's just a lot of things we love about Utah.

And so, Russ and I are married and have four kids. My youngest is four. My oldest is twelve. And I actually have a background in nutrition. I got my degree in dietetics, so I am a registered dietician and I have just always been really interested in health and nutrition. And so, once I started having kids, that's when I really started focusing more on being more interested in children's health. And so, that's how I got started with Super Healthy Kids. It's just an interest in nutrition and health, and then also business as well. I have a business minor. And so, I just love creating things and selling things and I love that whole world.

CAMILLE [4:16]

Yeah. Well, that's an interesting combination. And you and I actually have a lot in common. Our kids' age ranges are the same, and also I studied dietetics. I didn't get a business major. I wish I would have, but I look at the degree I did get, Family and Consumer Science, and had you and I, had blogging existed as a degree when we were in school, I mean, the degrees that we did practice, we did practice for what we did in the future. Was that something that you saw yourself doing like creating a business online? How did that happen for you to build Super Healthy Kids and when did your husband start getting more involved?

NATALIE [4:53]

Yeah. So, when I was in college actually, I started just a little side business selling stuff on eBay just because I thought it was cool and fun. But I remember taking an entrepreneurship class in college and I was like, "Huh, that's cool," but I wasn't super, super interested in just starting my own business from scratch. And so, the way I got started actually, I started with a business partner and we started by creating a meal plan subscription. And that's how I got involved and started that way, and then we created and developed a product line and we had a blog.

So, Russ started right away. He has a CPA. And so, he started just behind the scenes helping with some of the finance stuff, just because that can get complicated and intimidating and tricky. And so, he has always been behind the scenes working with me that way, which has been really, really great. Russ is actually a total entrepreneur at heart. And so, he had a couple of side business at the time as well when we got married. And then, as time went on and both our businesses started growing, he had a full-time job as a CPA, and then he really just wanted to work for himself.

And so, we evaluated which direction he should go if he should take off with some of the side businesses he was growing or if he should join mine and mine just happened to be growing faster and bigger at the time. So, he quit his full-time job and started working with me. It's been about five years now, I think. Yeah, about five years and it's been awesome. It's been really, really good most of the time.

CAMILLE [6:51]

Okay. Because I'm looking at your trajectory right now. You got out of the gate. You decided to do a subscription. You did a blog. Your Instagram following is very engaged and very large. It seems like you've had no mistakes. You are just on this trajectory of success. What would you say to that? Do you think that's true or would you say, "No, no, no. Let me tell you otherwise?"

NATALIE [7:13]

Oh, absolutely not. I mean, it's so interesting looking at people from the outside and I think that's what social media does. You see the numbers. You see the likes. You see all of those things and you're like, "Oh, they must be doing so well." You see people's best. And it is interesting being in this world for so long. Unless you start developing pretty intimate relationships with people, I don't think you'd get that side of the hard times, where you've created something and it's totally flopped, the rejection. There's just so many things. We've been sued multiple times.

So, what's interesting if you look at my Facebook and Instagram, my following's big and we got big on Facebook years ago. It was before Instagram even existed. Looking back, a lot of it is just luck. Facebook really liked our content, and so they just started showing it to everyone and we just were growing so fast. I wouldn't say we had some edge that other people didn't. It just happened to be good timing and good content. And that’s one of my mantras in life is, "The harder I work, the luckier I get."

And I honestly do believe there is a lot of luck involved in business because you can have two people who are working just as hard. We both have good business ideas and one just takes off and the other doesn't. But along with that, if you're not in the right place, if you haven't put the work in, it doesn't matter if luck comes your way, you'll miss the boat. And so, to me, the formula is a little bit of both. And so, for a lot of things, we really did just get lucky. Things took off and we were trying to put out good content and work hard and do all the things we should. But along the way, there's been a ton of bumps and crashes and failures and tears and hard things, definitely.

CAMILLE [9:32]

Yeah. I believe it. I mean, I know it because I've lived that.


CAMILLE [9:36]

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CAMILLE [10:23]

So, you started the blog 10 years ago. When was it at the point where you thought, "Man. This is the business" or from the get-go, was that your intention? It sounds like maybe it was because you've created this subscription service right away, which is so progressive of you. I feel like that's something that has become more popular recently, but you were like, "No. I got this." How did you come up with that idea?

NATALIE [10:49]

So, one of the original, in my opinion, meal plan subscriptions, it's called Deals to Meals. I don't know if you remember that one.

CAMILLE [11:00]

Yes. I do. I do.

NATALIE [11:02]

So, they've been around forever. And so, we were looking at their business model and we're like, "Okay." So, when you have a digital business versus a physical product, the more you scale, it doesn't also mean you have to scale all of your resources like more employee. I mean, it does, but it's a lot less. You can scale your business a lot bigger with fewer resources. And there's a lot more opportunity for passive income in my opinion because if you're selling something, every time you sell it, you have to ship it and you have to get more of that product.

But with a digital-based subscription, that's not necessarily the case. And so, that's where the subscription idea came from. It's just the model of scalability. And so, it's interesting because looking back, we put together a subscription in just two months from scratch. And then, we launched it. We started it, I think, maybe October, November, and then we wanted to launch by January 1st because it's a healthy meal plan subscription and that's when people are into all the health stuff.

And I remember the day we launched. It was New Year's Day. It was January 1st. You do something and you put it out there and you're like, "Uh, who knows? Who knows what's going to happen?" And I just remember seeing subscriptions starting to roll in and I was like, "No way. Oh my gosh, It's amazing. It's working."

CAMILLE [12:43]

What was the price point for that subscription? What were they getting and what was the price point and have you changed it since then?

NATALIE [12:50]

Oh my gosh. I literally don't even remember what we started at, to be honest with you.

CAMILLE [12:54]

And what year was this? Do you remember what year?

NATALIE [12:58]

This was 2011, I think. 2011 or 2012. It was either 2011 or 2012 and we have changed our price point a million times. I feel like that's something that's always in testing phase and you have to change. If you don't change in the world of the Internet, then you get left behind. And so, we've changed our price point. We've changed our offering. We've created an entire technology platform three times, and now we've landed at where we're at with Prepear, but we've changed everything about it. So, it looks very, very different. I mean, we were starting out Excel spreadsheets and creating PDFs and emailing them to people. That's where we started. And now, we have an app and a whole web-based program.

CAMILLE [13:56]

Wow, that's incredible. Now, you said you got really big on Facebook. Was that the Overhead food video? What do you think it was that really propelled you there? What was the content that Facebook loved so much?

NATALIE [14:11]

I mean, video in the food world wasn't really a thing yet.

CAMILLE [14:22]

That was what? 2017 maybe, so we're talking before that. It's the same with video, don't you think? Video came out at like 2017 probably?

NATALIE [14:33]

Yes. We started growing on Facebook in 2013.

CAMILLE [14:38]

All right.

NATALIE [14:39]

So, it was a long time ago. And so, it was truly just recipe posts. That's what grew us. We would post something and it would get so much traffic. Our site would crash every single time we posted anything off of Facebook. It was crazy. You don't see that anymore.

CAMILLE [15:03]

Oh my gosh. No, you do not. You have to pay lots of money.

NATALIE [15:06]

Yeah. It was insane. I mean, we were getting thousands of new followers every day and it was exciting. It was super exciting because you knew when you posted something, it was just going to explode. And I remember one of the first times something exploded. It was a pineapple Dole whip popsicle recipe and it just went nuts. And we were like, "What the heck is happening?"

CAMILLE [15:32]

Oh, that's so exciting.

NATALIE [15:33]

And it just kept going.

CAMILLE [15:34]

Now, you're talking in terms of "we." Is that in reference to a partner you had or you and your husband?

NATALIE [15:40]

A partner. Yeah.

CAMILLE [15:44]

Okay. No, I've worked in partnerships before and I actually started my blog with seven women. And within the first six months, we went down to four because they're like, "We're not making money and this feels a lot like school and this is not cool."

NATALIE [15:59]

That's a lot.

CAMILLE [16:00]

Yeah. It wasn't until even the second or third year that we even started to turn revenue, and then eventually it trickled down to just being me. What I've really found interesting is talking to other people who have had partnerships and what they learned going through the partnership, how they made it work, how did you eventually part ways. What did you learn from that partnership and what is something that you could share with our listeners about having a partner?

NATALIE [16:29]

So, it was a really great experience actually for me. The thing I tell people about having a partner is truly if you're invested in growing a business, it's truly like a marriage. You will talk to your partner as much as your spouse. You will go through hard things together. You have to figure out communication issues. So, choose your partner wisely. The thing is even if you think you know someone and you've vetted them out, you're not going to ever know all the things because you don't know what kind of situations you're going to come across and there will be conflict for sure because you're two different people trying to create one thing with two different opinions, two different backgrounds, all of these things.

And one of my very favorite books is called Crucial Conversations. I don't know if you've read it or not, but it basically teaches you how to have hard conversations with other people and it's so important because when you start to work closely with someone or even family members in your life, you need to have those hard conversations in order to maintain good relationships and also just progress. So, that would be my main thing is don't be afraid of having hard conversations, but learn how to do it the right way.

CAMILLE [18:02]

Yeah. No. In fact, it's funny you say that because that's actually something that this sounds really weird, but I've consulted quite a few women who have been in tricky situations with partnerships or negotiations or contracts and have written emails and conversations and helped coach them through that. I feel like that's something as a business person, you need those skills and that's not necessarily something that people are teaching.

NATALIE [18:31]

Right. Totally.

CAMILLE [18:33]

No. Yeah. That book is a really good reference. So, I'm curious, at what time were you in that partnership and break ways and did that translate into you developing your app? What was the steps to that? And just for the listeners who are listening, can you explain to them how the business of a blog works, how you're bringing in revenue, and then also how you transitioned into developing your app?

NATALIE [18:59]

Sure. Yeah. Okay. A typical blog, the majority of your revenue typically comes from ad revenue, and then a lot of people have affiliate revenue, sponsored post revenue, if you have a product. For us, we had three. So, we had our blog, which we considered our content business. And so, we made revenue in those ways I mentioned. And then, we had a physical product that we sold. So, we had that business. And then, we also had our subscription business.

CAMILLE [19:34]

And what was the physical product? I'm sorry.

NATALIE [19:36]

It was children's dinnerware, children's eating ware that promoted healthy eating based on the Choose My Plates. So, we had plates and cups and bowls and things like that to help teach kids balanced nutrition.

CAMILLE [19:51]

Oh, fun. Smart.

NATALIE [19:54]

And so, we had those three different business that all worked together and they all were total a third of our revenue. They were each about a third, a third, a third. And so, as far as when my partner and I broke off, I mean, my business was Super Healthy Kids, and so it was aimed towards younger kids, younger parents and she just was outgrowing our audience. Her kids had grown up. She wanted to move on the next phase of her life. She wanted to go get a Master's degree. Her goals and interest just changed.

And because of where our business was and our audience, it wasn't that it can totally pivot in that way. And so, we ended up separating in the end of 2018 and she actually took the physical product business, and then I took the other two businesses and we had just started building the app. I can't remember. It wasn't that far along though. So, then that really is where our focus has been the last probably two to three years is heavily focusing on preparing our app and building that. So, that's how it all went down.


CAMILLE [21:24]

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CAMILLE [22:00]

I think sometimes we get really stuck with the idea that if I create a product or I create a business that I have to stick with this forever and I think that that is faulty thinking. The idea that you have right now or the product that you have as an idea right now could be the launching point to help you discover your interest and develop your other priorities later. And I think that there's a lot of freedom in recognizing that is that we don't have to have all of the steps in a line perfectly figured out. And so, I think that's really cool that that worked out that way for you that you were able to divide and conquer, so to speak.

NATALIE [22:33]

Yeah. I think you're totally right. I think it is easy to just get stuck on one thing and not realize you can rebrand. You can pivot. You can change things. I do think that's a tough work but it's totally possible.

CAMILLE [22:54]

Now, tell me about Prepear. This is such a brilliant app. I need to utilize this more with my own blog. You're actually taking recipes you've created yourself, recipes from other bloggers and influencers, and plugging them into your app in a way that makes all of these recipes more accessible and usable by the app user. Tell me about the way that it works and how you were able to develop such an incredible app.

NATALIE [23:24]

Yeah. So, the reason we created it is because we had such good success with our own meal plan subscription. The biggest challenge was the technology piece of it. I can't remember what year it was. Sorry. When you've been doing this for so long, it's hard to remember it, how long things have been, but our users really wanted better technology. And so, we spent a ton of money creating just almost like a software. So, it was desktop-only. Well, no, you could use it on mobile, but it wasn't an app and people kept saying, "We want an app. We want an app. We want an app." But anyone who's created an app knows it's incredibly expensive. It's incredibly expensive to maintain. It's complicated.

And so, what we decided is, "Okay. We believe in this so much. We want to create technology so that other food bloggers can do what we have done as well without having to spend the money, time and effort on the technology piece of it because that's not what most food bloggers are interested in." And so, basically, we created Prepear. And so, what it is, is it's just a platform for you to create a subscription business with your own content. And the reason it's great for your readers and your users is because they can consume your content and your recipes in a very usable way.

So, if you think about it, someone goes to a food blog, they read through your content and they use the recipe that way, but there's ads and all these things. There's just a lot of things they can't do with the recipe that maybe they would want to. But from a food blogger's perspective, it's like, "Well, this is how I make money." So, you have to serve ads. You can't get around that. It's not reasonable to create content for free. It's too much work.

And so, we meshed both those worlds, so the food blogger gets compensated for a user using their content without the ad piece of it, so it's a really good user experience and the user really likes it because then you can put your recipes in their meal plan. They can save them to a cookbook. They can use it in an app. They can directly add it to their shopping list and it's all in one place. And so, it's just a really slick way to do recipes as a user and it's a really great way for a food blogger to also make money on their recipes in a different way.

CAMILLE [26:28]

Yeah. I don't know why I haven't set mine up yet. So, I'm curious about onboarding for those people who might be food bloggers listening, is that something that you help with onboarding their recipes or what's the process for that?

NATALIE [26:40]

Yeah. So, we have someone who their entire job is just to help you set up that part of your business on Prepear, so the onboarding, getting your recipes on there, creating your subscription to marketing content, and graphics, and all of that. We help you every step of the way and we have a whole system of how you market your content and different campaigns you can run. So, we hold your hand the whole way.

CAMILLE [27:18]


NATALIE [27:18]

We really want you to be successful.

CAMILLE [27:22]

That's amazing. So, I'm curious with all of this you have going on, you have this successful website. You have a successful product line. You have a successful app now and you're a mom of four. What are some of your best tips for managing all of this? This is a huge business. How are you able to connect and create meaningful time with your family and your kids and your spouse?

NATALIE [27:43]

So, this is interesting because the last couple of years, I've really, really pivoted. So, I've always been very interested in business and growing and that was my priority. And I loved being a mom, but having small kids was really hard for me. I'm talking little, little like toddlers, that whole phase of life. I'm starting to get out of it, but it was just hard for me. That's not my natural skill set. It was hard.

So, I think I used my business as a way to be able to manage my life, so I could still have kids, but it wasn't all I was doing. And so, I really put a ton of energy and focus on my business and I loved that and I was willing to give up some other things on the other side of being a mom. I had help for probably, I don't know, six years of that. I had a full-time nanny because I just couldn't do it the way I wanted to without help. And so, when you have help in that way, you miss out on things. And I was actually totally fine with that at the time because I don't think anyone can do it all and I really don't think that's healthy. I think if you're trying to do it all, you're dropping balls.

And so, the last couple years, I've actually moved more into the role of I'm really enjoying being a mom. So, I don't have a nanny, which means I do less on my business. And so, it's not going to grow as fast and I can't do all of the things that maybe I want to for my business because I'm focusing more on spending time with my kids and doing the mom thing. And I've really started to enjoy that a lot. I love older kids and teenagers. So, that's the choices I've made along the way.


CAMILLE [30:04]

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CAMILLE [30:55]

I appreciate you being so vulnerable and honest because I like how you said, "Parenting or mothering a small infant or a toddler was not my skill set. It just wasn't exactly my favorite thing," which I think a lot of times women shy away from even being honest with saying that out loud. Do you know what I mean? It's like especially in a conversative culture that we live in, there can be a lot of shame and guilt surrounded around the way that every mother "should be". The quote marks "should be" because that doesn't make you a bad mom. I think the fact that you touched into that knowledge of knowing how you personally can be the best mom is creating those boundaries and creating space for you to feel filled up, so that when you were with your kids you could give them the best you. And that looks different for everyone.

NATALIE [31:54]


CAMILLE [31:55]

And I think that's such a good message for our listeners because we don't talk about it like that all the time. Sometimes, it feels like it has to be all or nothing and I'm a huge believer that it does not. And I love how you talked about how that changed for you too.

NATALIE [32:08]

Yeah. And I think you're totally right. I think it is a little bit taboo to say I didn't really love being a mom of little kids. And I remember where I lived at the time, I was the only mom who was working full-time and I missed out on things. I didn't go to the museums and the parks all the time with the other moms and the kids. And I was actually fine with that. I'm like, "That's okay because that's not what's bringing me joy and I'm trying to do this other thing in the world that I think is also putting good into the world."

And I've checked with other women about this. I think sometimes as women, we feel like we have to fit in this box, but I think it's so important that women feel like they can do what they actually want to do based on their skill set. And I think about, "What if we didn't have women who wanted to be surgeons or doctors or lawyers or all these different jobs, but also what if we didn't have women who didn't want to work and just wanted to raise their kids?" I think it's so important to have both and I think part of it is just respecting each other's skill sets and desires and not pressuring each other to be one way or the other. I'm so grateful for women who choose to do both of those things and everything in between.

CAMILLE [33:44]

Yeah. I got chills as you said that. I'm like, "Yes." Because for me, I've been able to stay at home with my kids and build my business while I've been blogging. However, I didn't push it as far or the lengths that you did. And at the time, that was okay for me. But I've also needed something where I had something to think about beyond the diapers and the feeding schedules and I got so bored of what women were talking about at the park like talking about other people.

I don't know. I wanted to talk about ideas and creation and development and learning. And so, for me, before I started my business, I was out shopping clearance racks because it was something to do or looking for a community online where I'm like, "Okay. There's got to be something more than this." And so, I feel like there's so many more opportunities online than there were before, which is why I am building a virtual assistant course where moms can stay at home and become their own boss and build their own schedule because thank goodness, we have had so many women and men pave the way to create online opportunities and really they are now just for your taking where you can push it or pull back as much as you want to and there's so much beauty in that.

NATALIE [35:10]

And I love that idea of that of having this thing that you can do while you're still raising kids at home, but not feeling the pressure to grow into this massive business if you don't want. I have a friend. She has the most darling online business and she's intentionally not growing it right now where she knows it could be growing faster because she wants to still be able to give to her family and to her kids. And I just respect that so much.

I look back and I wonder if I should have done that more. Do you know what I'm saying? Because I was just like, "Grow, grow, put everything into it." And I spent a lot of years feeling really stressed out trying to do more than I probably should have. And like I said, something gives. Something always gives, whether it's taking care of your kids or taking care of yourself or developing a relationship with your spouse, whatever it is, something gives. And so, I think it's good to know you don't have to grow as fast as somebody else or you can if you have that space and energy, but just really being true to where you want to be I think is so important.

CAMILLE [36:40]

I agree. Oh my gosh. I just want to say, "Amen. Yes!" This is amazing. Just to close up here, if there was one advice that you could give to someone who's listening and they're looking at what you've built and what you've done and the incredible person that you are and, my goodness, you are an amazing mom. I watch what you do behind the scenes

NATALIE [37:03]

You're so nice.

CAMILLE [37:04]

You're amazing. I think your kids are really lucky to have you. I think they're really lucky to see a self-aware woman who knows what she needs because in doing that for ourselves as moms, we give our children permission to do the same.

NATALIE [37:20]

Totally, yeah.

CAMILLE [37:21]

So, as you're saying, "Well, gosh, maybe I sacrificed things," and maybe you did, but it created a path where you are now and you're living a beautiful, happy life and that is something that if you're in that balance in check and you're learning from that along the way, I think you're winning. So, if there's something that you can give a piece of advice?

NATALIE [37:39]

You're so nice. You make me cry. It's true. Okay. So, the best advice I could give and this is hard because it's always hard to sum up a thousand thoughts into something short, but what I have learned over the years is to not worry so much about what is going on outside yourself and make sure that if your intentions are good, then don't worry about what other people are doing and just really try to stay true to what you want your life to look at or what you want your life to look like.

I think it's super easy to get caught in all of the daily grind and the details and all of that, but Stephen Covey, one of his seven habits that I think is so, so smart is begin with the end in mind. And so, if you're thinking about starting a business or progressing your life in some way, what do you want that to look like? And start there because you'll make different decisions along the way if you always keep that in mind. What do I actually want my life to look life? Not what does my friend's look like, my friends in my life look like or my sister-in-law or this person on Instagram. They are not living your life. And so, begin with the end in mind and you'll make different decisions and you'll always feel good about it.

CAMILLE [39:20]

Good advice. Oh my goodness. This has been such an incredible interview. I so appreciate you being in the show today. Please let our audience know where they can find you and support you and learn more about everything you have to offer.

NATALIE [39:33]

Yes. So, probably the best place to follow me is on Instagram, just @superhealthykids. I don't talk a lot about business on that account. I don't know why, but it's more healthy ways to raise your kids and being a healthy parent, and then meal plan subscription, so follow me there on Instagram.

CAMILLE [39:55]

Awesome. Well, thank you. Thank you again and stay tuned for more because you're going to hear about how you too can build a business online.


CAMILLE [40:07]

Thank you for joining me on today's episode. I hope that you found it helpful and inspiring. Natalie is truly one of the kindest people I have met in this business and she means it. Everything that she said came from the heart. Please join our conversation over on Instagram @callmeceopodcast or camillewalker.co and you can find us on our own Facebook community, the Call Me CEO community. Check in with me, say hi. I love it when you say hi. This community is meant to bring each other up and support each other as we chase after those dreams while enjoying and loving every step of being a mother.



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