How do you connect to what your body is telling you about the decisions you’re making in your life.

Today, we are talking about five ways to tap into your intuition so that you have success not only in your life but in your business and in motherhood.

Intuition presents itself not only in our minds but also in our bodies.

Tune in to hear how you can connect to yours more clearly.


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Welcome back everyone to another episode of Fearless Friday and today we are talking about five ways to tap into your intuition so that you have success not only in your life, but in your business and in motherhood. Now, this is something that I feel really passionate about because I feel like in today's world, it is busy. It is noisy. There are so many distractions coming at us all of the time and we oftentimes ignore the power that lies within us and our gut.

And one thing that I really like about the omnipresence of our gut is that it's really where our heart lies. I don't know if you've heard this statement, but a lot of times for children especially, if they are feeling any feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, they pronounce those feelings in their tummies. So, as a mother, when I learn about that, I thought, "Man. This is such a good clue for me to really tap into my kids and their needs is if I'm asking how their tummy feels." That's something that little kids don't specifically now how to say how their feeling or how to be able to identify or name emotions but oftentimes you can tap into those emotions by asking them how their tummy feels.

And I think that that's something that our body intuitively from the very beginning talks to us through our guts. So often we've tried to rely upon our head and try to go through the logistics of maybe how to have the most productive day, how to be the best mom, how to answer yes or no to something we're asked to do. And we rely so much on our heads that oftentimes we don't listen to our heart or in this case, our gut. And I think that there's a lot to be said about what they're finding with nutrition and the way that we respond to triggers in our lives and oftentimes you can find that a stress response for you could be trouble with your gut.

I didn't mean to go down this tangent, but the number one way is to listen and to really create quiet. So, number one step is to create quiet. How do we create quiet to be able to listen to our mind, to be able to listen to our gut, to be able to listen to our heart? So, for me, there's a new practice that I've been trying and it's created a lot of peace and opportunity for growth is creating a ritualistic practice that signals to my mind that I am switching to listening to myself or creating a special time to really focus. And that signal that I do is I light a candle and it's a really simple practice where if I'm going to be switching from maybe a mom go mode or errand mode or homework mode or anything like that, if I need to practice on something that really demands my attention whether it's tapping with what I'm feeling inside or what I'm doing to create more concentrated time in my business, I light a candle. And that's a very clear intentional I'm setting aside this time to really tap into my intuition.

And so, maybe for you, it could be listening to music or turning off music. Maybe for you it could be starting your day with prayer or meditation, which I found very helpful or maybe for you it's taking a shower. It's that time that allows you to create that quiet. I know that a lot of people will find inspiration or really connect with what their heart is telling them when they create those moments of peace. So, figure out what that moment of peace is for you and create space to be able to connect with yourself in those moment of peace.

That leads us to number two. Number two is to trust that gut feeling. So, now that you got into a space where you have created space and time for you to feel the things and to have the quiet is to trust it. And I think that this is a gift that everyone has. And as we get older, we may push our ability to really connect and to know and to hear and to feel, but the more that you practice this and the more that you trust your gut and you trust that intuitiveness that you get, the better you get at doing it. So, if that's something that you're like, "Oh, I'm so bad at that. I'm horrible at saying no. I'm a people pleaser or I just don't know how I really feel about this" and you tend to push those feelings away, try to really tap into what your heart is telling you because that's where the magic lies is putting into practice trusting yourself and moving forward from there. And it will become easier, the more that you do it.

Number three is to feel. Now for me, I have thought so many times that I had to brush things away or perhaps be really content with knowing all the answers or maybe not knowing all the answers but maybe not showing emotion. And I think that there's a lot of strength that comes from allowing us to feel and to process and to be able to overcome blocks by feeling whatever it is we're feeling. Maybe you're in a spot in your life right now where you don't feel like you have the answers for a struggle that a child is going through or maybe you're in a spot where you don't feel like you have the answers to knowing what move to make next in your life, in your business, in your relationship. I'm going to challenge you right now to feel it. What does that feel like? What does it feel like to feel that anxiety or that pressure or that sadness or that happiness? To really feel and to be present in the moment.

And something that I've learned recently is a way to process present moments. You actually have to switch from the memory part of your brain into the real-life moment of your brain. And the way that you can do that is by counting the lines on your hand or it could be smelling something in the room or doing something where your brain has to go into a very present moment. A really easy one is count the lines on your hand because you always have your hand. And what that allows you to do is to be in the present moment and to feel. So, if you're starting to slip to something where you're feeling anxious or you're not quite sure and you're not feeling really connected to what it is that you're feeling, flip to that present sense of in your mind, count those lines and reassess that same question and write it down.

I think that would be my next tip. Number four, write it all down. Write down the good and the bad. And the reason why is because I know for me if I'm able to process a feeling with someone by saying it out loud like talking to a dear friend. Oftentimes you'll hear yourself saying things out loud that you hadn't quite processed in your own mind with your own sense of understanding because you're putting it into context where you're having to process it as you say it. So, perhaps you don’t have the opportunity or maybe it's something so personal you don't want to share with someone else. Write it down so that you afford yourself the opportunity to allow your brain to conceptualize it, to process it, but also to challenge it.

We talked about that in a previous episode about challenging those feelings that you have and really putting it to the test, maybe to say, "What is it about this statement or this belief that is true?" and acknowledging how that feels, but then also challenging it and saying, "Okay. Perhaps that's true or am I just creating a scenario in my mind that I think could be true?" Are you projecting what you think could happen? Because I can tell you that anxiety or nervousness comes from putting together a scenario in our minds that we think could happen from past experience. So, if that's something that you feel like you're starting to go down a channel or anticipating something or imagining something could happen in a certain circumstance, challenge it by thinking, "Okay. What is really true here and how can I bring myself to the present moment to find a solution that really works for what is happening right now?" and that will help you to be more intuitive, to really check in with your feelings and what's going on in your heart and with others.

And my last tip, number five, is to have connection with others to create space not only to connect with your soul and yourself, but to also afford yourself the opportunity to really connect on a personal, authentic real place with someone else. Because like I said before, if you're allowing yourself to have those real authentic conversations, it will unpack what is really going on in your heart and if it's someone that you really trust and love, chances are that they're going to have insight and give you the chance to really reflect through reflective listening, hear what it is that you're saying and be able to dig deeper and validate that intuitive thought.

So, that is my guide today, your top five tips for tapping into that intuition. This can apply for your family and for your business. And I know from all of the interviews that I do on Call Me CEO, which you can find wherever podcast it aired is that you find so much power and success when you tap into your intuition and you follow your gut and you say no to the things that don't feel like a hell yes. So, I challenge you to do that, to really tap into what it is that you want and who you are and I promise, my friend, you will have success. Thank you for tuning in today and I'll see you next time.


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