Figuring out how to make money from home seems like a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be.

Have you ever wished you could have the flexibility of creating your own schedule to be home with your kids and be able to make money from home?

I get it. You want to create more financial security in your life without having to sacrifice those special moments with your little ones at home. You hear there are so many opportunities to make money online but you’re just not sure which ones are legit.

Figuring out what your marketable skills are can be overwhelming and putting yourself out there can be scary.

And if you’ve just started, it’s intimidating and confusing trying to figure out how you can turn just a few hours a day into a sustainable business.

You see other mothers who have created businesses from home and are talking about how they left their corporate job to work for themselves full-time, but you can’t figure out how they are able to make enough $$$.

You’d love to be your own boss but not sure how to even start – and wonder, can you?

I’m here to tell you…



Before I tell you all about this life-changing program let’s talk about who this is for…

♦ mom looking for something more. You have talents, interests, and skills that you want to use but you’re not able to commit to a 9-5.

♦ someone looking for a little more cash to pay down bills, cushion your vacation fund, or give you spending cash without feeling guilt.

♦ corporate employee ready to say goodbye to daycare, tight schedules, and a specific place to get your work done.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how 60 Days to VA will give you the tools to create the flexibility of your own business, the support you need to achieve it, and the inspiration to create a niche that fits your skill set and schedule.

Just imagine…

Creating a work/life balance that fits your needs as a busy mom.

Finally being able to make enough money as a virtual assistant to create a full or part-time income and turn your passion and dreams into your business!

Actually being excited to call the shots with your own clients, because you know the strategy that helps you build your own clientele and business.

Waking up to a day at home with your littles with fulfilling work you do on your own time. Feeling confident taking on clients knowing you are making their businesses run more smoothly with services you provide on your own schedule.

“You too can create a business on your terms. Offer virtual services that fit your skillset from anywhere in the world and I’m going to help you every step of the way.”

Everything you need to build your own Virtual Assistant Business…in only 7 weeks!

60 Days to VA is the comprehensive step-by-step guide to teach you exactly what in-demand skills you need right now to create your own online business in just a few hours a day!

We’ve created a no-nonsense guide to help you create a brand with confidence that you’ll be proud of as you call the shots!


By the end of this program, you will have:


» Nailed down your profitable skillset and superpower (instead of wondering what you possibly have offer to build a business from home.)

» Validated your offering with testimonials from businesses that are craving the skills you have to offer.

» Developed a high converting website, media kit, and email series.

» Know exactly what you need to do each day to make an impact in your business and still have space for family life.

» Enjoy the flexibility of deciding who you want to work with and how busy you want to be.

Did you catch the magic of this opportunity?

 You can choose your schedule, who you work with, and have time to spend with those you love most.

This business is built around your schedule, morning, nap times, or even somewhere in between…it is up to you.

Listen, you don’t need a lot of time, space, or money.

You only need the framework, the know-how, and the confidence to create your niche offerings as a virtual assistant.

I’m here to help you every step of the way!

“Camille has so much to offer. Learning from her taught me so much. She has a way of motivating and inspiring you in a way that will help you build confidence both in yourself and your skillset.”

—Sydney Frank

The virtual assistants Business is approximately $85 billion, and growing.

Virtual Assistants are needed more than ever with new businesses growing everyday, older brands using remote employees, and outsourcing becoming THE way to get jobs done!

How do I know this? I have been an online business for the past decade where I have relied on the help of virtual assistants. As I interview CEO’s on Call Me CEO podcast EVERY person I talk to is looking for help with building their business in terms of email management, social media, design, scheduling, editing, customer services, etc. Literally the list goes on and on.

THIS is the solution of a busy mom looking for a way to make money from home. You set your schedule, you choose your clients, and I want to help you create the flexibility of an online business like mine. Being at home with my kids has been the greatest blessing in my life.

So I’ve developed a Virtual Assistant in 60 days strategy that will equip you with the skills, the confidence, and the community to develop your own business.

I’m going to teach you my step-by-step strategy on how to craft the perfect personal brand that attracts others to you, your services, and getting the lifestyle you’ve been looking for.

The truth is trusting yourself enough to start is half the battle. We can create a life you LOVE with a place for you to find fulfillment in your skills and still being able to smooch your babies all day long.

What’s inside of the 60 Days to VA?

  • Introduction: hype, motivation, group
  • Meet Camille
  • Framework: resources, bonuses, Facebook
  • Discover your purpose & why
  • Superpower: enneagram, strengths finder
  • Building your brand
  • Discovering your talents/natural abilities/offerings
  • Ideal client
  • Building the bridge of talents and client
  • Riches in the niches
  • Tracking growth
  • Serve and then ask
  • Lead magnet



  • Trello board for clients/projects
  • Trello board schedule
  • Google Suite
  • Acquity
  • SEO

Community building

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Schedulers


  • Canva
  • Website



  • Choose your web design template
  • 30 Pinterest designs
  • 30 Instagram designs
  • Empowerment
  • Knowing your worth
  • Pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Contracts
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Simple email sequence



  • Client Trello board
  • Swipe file contract
  • Welcome template
  • Media kit/page
  • Personal webinar
  • Q&A
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Fiverr,
  • What needs can you fill
  • Problem + forum
  • Email
  • Testimonial builder

“Camille has taught me so much! She’s so great at connecting people to one another and introduced me to multiple people who have become my clients!”

—Sadie Banks

Think about it…


When you enroll, you will get:

→ 7 implementation modules show you everything you will need to build your Virtual Assistant business and your confidence to show up with marketable skills.

→ A complete step-by-step plan to building a financial foundation, clarity, and offering that you can attract your ideal clients.

→ A website, email templates, rate sheet, and swipe files to give you the professional kick start you need for launching your business.

→ A community ready to rally with you and support you along your journey.

→ You’ll be given access to one module a week (except for your implementation week in the end) so that you have plenty of time to dig into the content and complete each portion before moving on to the next.

→ This will allow you the chance to really take this process step by step and keep overwhelmed at bay!

Plus Bonuses to Help You reach your Success even sooner as you get closer to launching your very own business!

Hi! I’m Camille,

I have worked with businesses big and small over the past decade with my blogging/product business. Many of the tasks I did in the beginning of my business are tasks I needed taken off my plate to scale my business the way I wanted to.

I KNEW I couldn’t free up my schedule and grow my business without finding virtual assistants that have changed my life and my business.

One of the questions I have received over and over through the years is “How can I make money from home like you?” Or from my entrepreneur friends “How do I scale my business? I am so overwhelmed!”

The solution was staring me right in the face.

WE NEED each other!!

Businesses thrive when we support each other. Virtual assistants are changing the landscape of productivity for businesses online and brick & mortar. The best part is that in becoming a virtual assistant is that YOU are building your own business, too.

You are your own boss. You take on the clients you want. You call the shots.

I am in a unique position where I understand both sides. Wanting a way to make money from home and also needing the help of a virtual assistant. I have worked with MANY over the years and I know what makes a good one.

I will help you navigate how to build a brand, how to create trust, find clients you love, and create a work/life balance.

This is a passion project for me because supporting women in their mission of independence and flexibility is my mission. I want you to shape a motherhood/work balance that YOU love.

THIS is your chance to create a life you love while also giving you financial freedom you crave.